September 24, 2023

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Lease operations in Quebec are reported to have ended

Lease operations in Quebec are reported to have ended

On Thursday morning, there were about forty people in Quebec to demonstrate against Bill 31.

It is rejected by owners’ groups as much as by tenants. The bill would allow landlords to refuse rent quotas without compelling reason, while some tenants choose to use rent quotas to avoid excessive rent increases for the next occupant of their apartment.

This is completely absurd in a context where the cost of rent is the problem. This is inexcusableJonathan Carmichael, spokesperson for the Office of Animation and Housing Information of Metropolitan Quebec (BAIL).

In its latest report, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) quantifies the hedging effect of a lease quota against rent increases. Rent growth in the Quebec City CMA to 2022 was 8.2% for 2-bedroom units where tenants moved. It was 3.8% for those who did not change their residence. 4% difference.

to Montreal, The increase was 14.5% for apartments welcoming new tenants and 3.5% for those with existing tenants..

It is a very useful tool in removalMr. Carmichael adds. It is unfair to give them in an environment of housing crisis and rising rents [aux propriétaires] Still the very big end of the stick.

Jonathan Carmichael.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Tenants are entirely working class, with a large portion of the middle class being students, young families. I can’t believe it, Jean-Lesage’s partner Sol Zanetti believes in solidarityAttended the meeting.


According to Jonathan Carmichael, the end of tenancy opens the door to discrimination.

A tenant who wants to change his lease must take the same steps as before: get a tenant in his place and send a notice of change to the landlord.

When a landlord receives a notice of eviction he can say: Finally, I am releasing you from the leaseThe speaker warns.

Of course, this is an open door to discrimination. [Le propriétaire] Look at the candidate’s name, has children, is of foreign origin: I don’t want that in my building. »

A quote Jonathan Carmichael, Bail spokesman

When you take out a lease agreement, it eases access to housing. A landlord is less likely to discriminate against a candidate than in a normal home searchHe says.

A tenant can always protect himself from unfair rent hikes by refusing to raise the rent based on the old rent.

However, Mr. According to Carmichael, these effects are less effective than lease quotas. The spokesperson believes that due to the housing shortage environment, some landlords will encourage tenants to accept their increases as they find it difficult to move.

Minister defends his bill

Minister Duranzo defends his bill and says he wants to close Holes He says the residential rental market has developed over the years.

According to Minister Duranso, the leased works were initially used in an unplanned manner. The owner is the owner of the building; He is a risk taker, an investor in building. He chooses the tenants himself, without participating in the discussion and not being bound to third parties.The minister announced on June 10.

France-Alain Durenzo answers questions from journalists outside parliament.

Quebec Housing Minister France-Elaine Duranceve at the entrance to the Cabinet on June 21, 2023.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sylvain Roy Roussel

A tenant who wants to leave the apartment can always leave, while the landlord can terminate the lease following the tenant’s request, Ms. Duranzo said.

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Bill 31 also provides a tighter framework for evictions.