July 3, 2022

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Legault does not stop the gas line

As I was walking through Mary-Victor’s Riding on Tuesday afternoon, I was asked about the subject, The by-election is scheduled for April 11Prime Minister Franois Legald rejected this possibility because of such a move May be helpful for those who consume moreHe explained.

We do not want to disable or remove taxes, which will benefit more consumers.

A quote Franுவாois Legold, Quebec Premier

However, the Quebec government wants to take steps to combat inflation in its March 22 budget, he said. He noted a Fixed amount Can be distributed Everyone And that [bénéficierait] For the most needy, for the low-income.

To counter inflation, the Franுவாois Legal government will be able to provide a “fixed amount” to all Cubes in its March 22 budget.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Ivano Demers

Already, Finance Minister Eric Girard announced last month that his next budget would be included Measures to offset inflationAs adopted Its latest economic upgrade.

Last November’s mini-budget set aside $ 946 million by March, with $ 275 for those living alone and $ 400 for couples with low or average incomes.

Alberta came into force again

Earlier in the day, Eric Duheim, leader of the Conservative Party in Quebec, called on the Legal government to follow suit. Called Alberta And the abolition of the provincial gas tax – a move to save 19.5 cents a liter for Quebec motorists.

However, the situation in the two provinces is very different: such a suspension in Quebec would result in a significant loss of revenue to the government, while Alberta would benefit from a sharp increase in royalties collected from barrel prices for oil extracted in its territory. Went up.

These royalties, which were 1% when the barrel was sold for $ 55, gradually rose from $ 120 a barrel to the expected high of 9%. In dollar terms, experts say Alberta’s revenue increases from $ 400 million to $ 500 million per dollar.

However, since January 2021 the price of a barrel has increased by more than $ 65. The loss of revenue from the Alberta State Petrol Tax will largely be offset by the meteoric increase in royalties for more than a year.

Due to uncertainty War in Ukraine, Oil prices are fluctuating with record levels these days on both the stock market and the pump. In Quebec, the current price of a liter of petrol is $ 2 per liter, which is unheard of.

Unlike the François Legault, Éric Duhaime supports the exploitation of Quebec’s gas and oil resources.

He therefore condemns the CAQ Bill, which seeks to put an end to the research and production of hydrocarbons. It is currently being considered by the National AssemblyAnd calls for a revival of the natural gas export program LNG Quebec.

According to him, Prime Minister Legald made a mistake when he stopped exploiting the oil resources here and supported it in the past.

He took a 180-degree turn to entertain Montreal environmentalists. It should attract motorists and people from other parts of Quebec who have to put both feet on the ground and turn around.He was speaking at a news conference Tuesday in Saint-Anne-de-la-Pérade.

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