Long Island squatters who haven't made their mortgage payments in more than a decade appear to be out after being exposed by The Washington Post.

Long Island squatters who haven't made their mortgage payments in more than a decade appear to be out after being exposed by The Washington Post.


A pair of alleged racist Long Island squatters who haven't paid their mortgage in more than a decade appear to have finally moved out a week after The Post exposed their “abuse” of the court system.

Bobby Chawla, whose family bought the house 22 months ago at a bank auction, said moving trucks were seen in the driveway of the four-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,536-square-foot home on Friendly Lane in Jericho on Wednesday, but were unable to make it. To move because accused squatters Barry and Barbara Pollack won't leave.

By Friday, the house appeared empty and the Pollack family was nowhere to be seen.

“It feels like a Christmas miracle, I can't believe it,” said Chawla, who cannot officially take control of the home without a judge's approval.

“I felt a sense of relief. . . . but I won't be satisfied until I have my own home. This man cannot be trusted.”

Barry Pollack, accused of squatting, appeared to leave the scene a few days after The Washington Post revealed his alleged “abuse” of the court system. Georgette Roberts

The Pollack family bought the house in September 1990 for $255,000, but by 2006 they fell into financial trouble and ended up fighting in three different courts for 17 years to stay in it.

The house ended up at a bank auction after the couple sued for foreclosure in 2008, and the case was delayed for 11 years, records show.

They then began filing “skeletal” and “frivolous” bankruptcy filings, according to court papers.

According to reports, a moving truck appeared on Wednesday. Courtesy of Bobby Chawla
The Pollack family appears to have moved out after The Post covered the story last week. Dennis A. Clark

The filings automatically halted any eviction process temporarily — including in November, when the movers the Chawla family hired to vacate the house had to abandon those efforts after Barbara Pollack showed up with bankruptcy papers.

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Barry Pollack appeared in a video asking the Chawla family, whose parents are from India, to “go back to Pakistan.”

On Friday, a federal bankruptcy judge barred the Pollack family from filing further filings.

Pollack, pictured here last week, allegedly asked the new owners to “go back to Pakistan”. Dennis A. Clark
Bobby Chawla and his pregnant sister, Gigi, needed an official word from the court before they could actually move into the house. Dennis A. Clark

“While most debtors are honest, hard-working individuals looking for a fresh start in bankruptcy, these debtors are not,” said Heath Berger, the Chaolas' attorney.

“We hope they have filed their final petition in bankruptcy court.”

Barry Pollack did not return a message.

Additional reporting by Dennis Clark.

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