August 16, 2022

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Long live the Canadian Bilingual!

Last Tuesday, on his Twitter account, Jean Charest wrote that he hopes the next debate between the leadership candidates of the Conservative Party of Canada on August 3 will be bilingual because “bilingualism is the strength of Canada” and “the two official languages ​​must be equally protected.”

Here’s a quick rundown of the comments his tweet conveyed.

Comments written in English, Of course

“Big M…”

“Nobody whines about bilingualism, except for Quebeckers who believe their language is important to the rest of the country. »

“I do not believe that French should be forced upon Canada’s Anglophone majority. Sorry, but most people are not interested in French. »

“Chareste seems to have forgotten that Quebec is a non-speaking French-speaking province. Stop the French imposition in Canada and we will save billions. Long live the liar! »

“By trying to pacify Quebec through bilingualism, we are weakening the presence of Western Canadians in essential positions in the country. »

“The Office of Commissioner for Official Languages ​​is a waste of public money. We must eradicate it. It is not the government’s role to interfere with the labeling of products. »

“Jean Charest’s statement is a big piece of nonsense. Life in Quebec has become a nightmare because of language restrictions. »

“WTF? »

“Of all the issues facing Canada, the issue of bilingualism should be number 300 on the list of priorities for the next leader of the CPC. »

“So the Spanish, Ukrainian and Chinese communities must discover that French is the strength of Canada! »

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“What’s the point of having two official languages ​​in Canada?” »

“Canada must always bow to entertain the youth of Quebec…”

“Bilingualism only benefits Quebec at the expense of the rest of Canada.”

“Disgusting. Canada is a predominantly English speaking country. »

“Outside of Quebec, who is interested in bilingualism? »

“Canada’s major weakness is bilingualism. »

“The day Quebec becomes a bilingual province we will establish bilingualism in Canada. »

“Bilingualism discriminates against immigrants. »

“This vision of a bilingual Canada is outdated. We must go forward, not backward! »

Villains of Quebec

“It’s funny because the last time I went to Quebec, the road directions were only written in French! »

“In Quebec, people who don’t speak French are treated like second-class citizens. »

“Quebec Outlaws English. »

“Bilingual Canadians don’t speak French, but Punjabi, Korean or Cantonese! »

“French isn’t a language, it’s slang.”

“Yes, is bilingualism a strength? Tell that to the Quebecers! »

“Bilingualism is where Quebec occupies an unequaled position among Canadian institutions. »

“Meanwhile, in Quebec, Anglos are leaving the province because they fear they will no longer receive health care in their language…”

“And indigenous languages? »

And so on and on and on…

As I have often written, two official language policies will become increasingly irreconcilable.

Should we continue in this country?