February 26, 2024

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Lucien Bouchard responds to René Lévesque’s sister

Lucien Bouchard responds to René Lévesque’s sister

Former Prime Minister Lucian Bouchard has vowed not to “expect to disappear” from his former training and, on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the party Quebecois, he expressed regret that Rene Leweski’s sister was angry at him.

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In a letter he sent to Alice Lewes, Mr. Bouchard, to be precise, confirms that he wished all this could be done in the most beautiful fraternity.

“Trust me, I’m sorry to hear that you are angry. If I can justify it a little with these few words, I will write it to you,” he notes.

On Tuesday, René Lévesque’s sister, the honorary president of “Lévesque Year”, angrily reported in our pages that he had condemned “Parti Québécois death”.

“When you describe Party Quebecois as a ‘worn out vehicle’, it’s not well worth it ‘,’ it’s not strong ‘,’ it does not click ‘,’ people do not care… Want more ‘, and” we will choose another “, On the other hand, we ask that you regret the fate of the Liberal Party today, “he explained.

In an interview with Radio-Canada and during the unveiling of the statue of Jack Bariso in the National Assembly, Lucian Bouchard recently admitted to having harsh words.


He wanted to qualify his words. He assures us that no one can deny the fundamental role played by this party in our recent history.

“When I say ‘party’, I mean ‘if’ – and ‘if’ – people don’t want much, we have to choose another one. ‘

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Then, he mentions that he also had good words.

“I reiterated that freedom is a‘ political necessity ’and‘ the dream is still there ’.

I’m made it clear that I do not expect the PQ to disappear, “he writes.

“We’ll get a small part of the response in October, but again, it’s not sure.”