Many juveniles have been charged with sexual offenses in Montreux

Many juveniles have been charged with sexual offenses in Montreux

Three young men arrested for sex offenses in Chattanooga and Mercier have been charged.

The Mercier City Police (SPVDM) arrested three minors Wednesday morning. They were later arraigned in Sulberry-de-Wellfield Court.

Defendants may have filmed gestures of a sexual nature to share them later on social networks, including the Snapshot platform.

Teens are charged with possession, production and distribution of child pornography, kidnapping, extortion, intimidation, aggravated sexual assault, theft and mischief.

Electronic devices were also seized to evaluate their content.

Five teenage girls are believed to have been affected so far, four of them attending the same high school. They were then 14 to 16 years old. The victim may expose others to the ongoing investigation.

The arrests are the result of a lengthy investigation by the SPVDM following a complaint filed last September, but the facts are back to the previous year. Despite the first encounter with police a few months ago, the teens are said to have continued to distribute explicit content.

“It is shocking, but above all it is irrelevant to young people our age; You don’t do that, ”a young woman from the same high school told LCN.

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