Matt Ferrling’s storybook day comes short as the Phillies lose to the Cardinals

Matt Ferrling's storybook day comes short as the Phillies lose to the Cardinals

Street. Lewis – The attendance at Busch Stadium for Sunday afternoon’s game between the Phillies and hosts the St. Louis Cardinals was 36,112.

Dozens of these people were from the family and friends of Matt Ferling, the Phillies’ up-and-coming quarterback who had grown up in the area.

He said: “Thirty,” and put a number on it. “There were others scattered around the stadium from high school and so on.”

Vierling wanted to make a good show for the folks at home. him too. He had one RBI song in the fourth inning. But he wanted more. That’s why the bottom of the eighth inning and Phillies’ 4-3 loss to cards was a bit more.

The Cardinals rushed through the green light at the bottom of the eighth when Dylan Carlson netted the third-place sprinter in a fly-to-center field by Tommy Adman.

Ferling’s shot from the center was powerful and on target.

Carlson crossed the board with the slice of the foot first, and at first, he was called by home board referee Todd Tichenor. However, the call was reversed after the Cardinals challenged.

Vierling saw the bad news in real time on the video board above the center field.

He said, “I saw him slipping his hand there.” “I really wanted it. I really did. Ah. This is a hard pill to swallow. Man, that’s hard.”

The loss interrupted a three-game winning streak for the Velez side, who still dominate the third and last place in the Premier League as they lead the game over the Cardinals.

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The Phils won the first two games of this four-game series, both by closing, and will be looking to win the series behind Aaron Nola on Monday night.

Vierling, 25, grew up a Cardinals fan, and like any kid his age, was Albert Pujols, now 42 and back with the Cardinals for the final season of his Hall of Fame career.

Now a part-time player, Pujols started on Sunday. He had three hits, including homeowner number 684, and started the greenlight rally in round eight with a key stroke.

“It’s a very special competition against him,” said Ferling, whose photo was taken with the Pujols last week in Philadelphia. “He still does that which is impressive.”

Pujols’ strike came eighth against Velez Bolbin ace Seranthoni Dominguez, who was running for the third time in four days and struggling to spot. Dominguez allowed two hits and walked for the first time since May 21. He had gone 17 outings without a walk before issuing one on four pitches to discus hitter Paul Goldschmidt to load the bases before Edman flew in as the go-ahead.

Velez was controlling the game in the middle roles. Kyle Schwarber gave them a 3-1 lead with a 28th-place lead in the fifth inning. Christopher Sanchez gave up the Homer in front of the Pujols in the sixth inning and Austin Romijn took the lead in the seventh. The cards took the lead in eighth place on the close play on the board.

“Great pitch from Ferling,” said manager Rob Thompson.

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“We’ve had a bunch of very close matches, all the way back against these guys,” said Vierling.

Another two nights. Phils 4-2 against the cards this season.

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