Maybe ‘Destiny 2’ needs fewer weapons, but better weapons

Maybe ‘Destiny 2’ needs fewer weapons, but better weapons

Well, I suppose I should brace myself for what might befall me, but at least hear me out.

I was trying to think of a list that went through my favorite weapons in Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep and I could only think of three. I went to To look at the list and just… wow. There are so many new weapons this season, how can I really feel the power of just some of them (mainly the odd centrifugal, chatterbone and shotgun until it returns).

Adding up the grand total of both new and reclassified weapons this season (the vast majority are reclassified), there are 43 weapons released or re-released this season. Some old features have been rolled out, some existing ones have new perks, and a small handful of completely new features. Plus three exotics, a seasonal standard these days.

I wonder if fate at this point has become tempered with weapons in his favour. Want loot? Well, here’s an absolute truckload of guns to inspect. We already have a basement stuffed full of current favorites, several of them exactly Copy them, only with the old privileges. Despite the best franchises at times, when certain things are removed to make room for new ones it is disappointing.

I find myself wondering if part of Destiny’s loot problem would be better served by fewer weapons…more interesting. The industry has opened up some possibilities here, but I feel like there’s a better way to do it, in a way. Fewer weapons you invest more in, so you can customize more of them, and feel unique from each other instead of the game’s #45 handgun or #53 rapid-fire pulse.

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I think there’s another half to this, too. There is too much weight being put on weapons as loot, and not enough armor. In other loot-based games, armor is half, if not more, of what you farm, since you usually have more armor slots. But in “simplifying” shields for accessibility purposes, Destiny 2 has completely eliminated them as a loot hunt for any reason other than cosmetic. You don’t need to chase mods, you get them all by default. Once you get a couple of powerful stat boosts to the combos you want, you’re kind of done… forever, maybe one out of industrial armor breeding activity again, just another small stat boost.

The only real “chase” armor each season is a new one for each class, where you do 3-10 missing sectors and it’s handed to you. Odd Focus was a complete bust and again… It’s not interesting to follow two specific stat spikes on armor after all these years. Cool, this armor is 69 instead of 66. Nothing exciting here. “Amazing” armor drops are people who gain 25 Flexibility, 29 Discipline, and 2 Movement abilities. amazing.

I’ve brought a bit of armor before, but between the weapon bloat and the uselessness of most armor (I’m close to blue drops at this point, my old foe), I think the loot in Destiny isn’t in a good place. The days of “fixed menus” at launch are probably not the most confusing decision in the history of the series, but it’s not a good one either, and I think we need some tweaking.

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