May 24, 2022

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Minnesota offensive tackle Daniel Vallell tips the NFL collects the scales at 6-foot-8, 384 pounds

Minnesota offensive tackle Daniel Vallell tips the NFL collects the scales at 6-foot-8, 384 pounds

Indianapolis – In a game involving some of the biggest and fastest people on the planet, Minnesota enters the offensive Daniel Valle She is officially one of the greatest players in NFL Scout history.

Valle measured 6ft 8 and weighed 384lbs on Friday. ESPN Stats & Information records going back to 2006 indicate that Faalele was the heaviest player in the group at the time, believed to be the heaviest player in the group since Wisconsin’s Aaron Gibson weighed 386 pounds in the 1999 scout group.

Ole Miss’ Terrell Brown, who played only two games in his first season, wasn’t invited to the 2013 Boy Scouts group, but he made 6-10, £388 on a professional on-campus school day that year. Several scouts contacted on Friday said Brown was the player most similar in stature to Valelle they had seen.

Vallell said during an interview session Thursday that he weighed 426 pounds when he arrived in Minnesota, where he went on to play in 34 games, with 31 games.

“I would say how athletic I am in relation to my size, and how strong I am,” Vallell said Thursday when asked about the effect his size has on his playing. How strong is my strength? Being a bigger body, my arms are longer, so I use those intangibles to my advantage. ”

When asked about his biggest challenge playing his size, Valelli added, “The biggest challenge has always been the level of the board. I can always get lower. And that’s something I’ve worked on throughout my career.”

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Vallell, who was born in Melbourne, Australia, said in Indianapolis this week that he drew inspiration from his fellow Australian. Jordan MailataPhiladelphia Eagles Circuit. List of Eagles Mailata at 6-8, 365 pounds.

“Just seeing how he plays is motivational and his story, a kind of similar story,” Vallell said.

ESPN’s Mel Keeper Jr. and Todd McShay both ranked sixth as the best offensive tackle in the draft.