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Miriam Margulies says Steve Martin was “horrible” on set

Miriam Margulies says Steve Martin was “horrible” on set

Actress Miriam Margolyes has criticized her ex-partner Steve Martin, calling him “horrible.”

The star of stage and screen, who has become increasingly known for her articulate opinions about the celebrities she meets, took aim at the Hollywood comedian and Murders only in the building star in her new memoir.

In the book, published on Thursday (September 14), Margulies talks about the “uncomfortable” experience of working with Martin, 78, on the iconic Frank Oz film. Little Shop of Horrorswhich was released in 1986.

Margolyes, 83, played Martin’s “psychopathic dentist” secretary Oren Scrivello in the film, and in their musical “Dentist!”, Margolyes was punched by Martin’s character, who also slammed a door in her face.

In her memoir, Margulies noted that she was genuinely hurt while filming the scenes, writing: “I was beaten all day through doors open in my face; I was repeatedly hit, slapped, and knocked down by the obnoxious, unapologetic Steve Martin – perhaps it was a tactic.” Acting – and I came home angry with a severe headache.

“Let’s not say I’ve never suffered in the name of art,” Margulies added, concluding that the actor was “undoubtedly wonderful, but terrible to me.”

She paid tribute to her former co-star Steve Buscemi, saying the actor was “unerringly sweet” and “stopped Steve Martin.”

The Independent Contact Martin for comment. Actor whose film credits include The man with two minds And fatherhoodcurrently stars in the Hulu series Murders only in the buildingwhich he participated in creating.

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Martin stars in the show alongside Martin Short and Selena Gomez.

Steve Martin and Miriam Margulies in “Little Shop of Horrors”

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Elsewhere in Margulies’ memoir, the actor referred to Martin Scorsese’s “exhausting” appearance while working with him on the 1993 film Age of innocence.

In a recent interview, Margulies described John Cleese as “toxic” and described him as “an insignificant human tadpole.”

In recent years, Cleese, who is set to start a new show on GB News this month, has become an increasingly divisive figure. In 2019, he appeared to condemn multiculturalism, saying: “London is not an English city anymore.”

After being criticized, the 83-year-old responded: “I guess I should apologize for being emotional because of my English upbringing, but in some ways I found it calmer, more polite, more humourous, less popular and less money.” “More directed than the one he replaces.”

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