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MJF has a salty message for Samoa Joe throughout history dating back 7 years

MJF has a salty message for Samoa Joe throughout history dating back 7 years

He threw MJF and Samoa Joe into a brawl Everyone out. On the surface, it looked like a fiery showdown to set up MJF’s upcoming world title feud. The story goes much deeper than that.

Here’s the fight clip. The heat started when Joe pushed MJF on stage as he walked by. MJF was cut off and shipped into the ring for a fist slam.

Many may remember a similar moment seven years ago during NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 2 In 2016. As Joe walked to the ring for his NXT Championship match, a familiar face accompanied the champion as a bodyguard. MJF! Young Maxwell happened to get a little too close to Joe, and was immediately pushed out of the way. Here is a comparison between the scenes.

There’s no doubt that Joe was urging the AEW World Champion for a future showdown. MJF took the bait. This time, he has the leverage to fight back. MJF posted a salty message for Joe.

Oh yes. It will be fun to watch between MJF and Joe.

Adam Cole spoke about the situation in a backstage interview. Cole is concerned about MJF’s health due to a neck injury during his ROH tag title defense. MJF will warn that sometimes it’s smart to play it safe. Cole hopes MJF can calm down long enough to heal 100% before she clashes with Joe.

Cole has his own history of violent confrontations with Joe. Returning to NXT in 2021, Joe choked out Cole backstage.

Cole had the last laugh when he defeated Joe in an AEW ring to win the Owen Hart Cup Championship in 2022. It’s good to have friends, and MJF has the right friend in Cole. Mr. Bye Bye should be able to provide valuable insight for strategic purposes when MJF and Joe wrestle in the approved fight. I hope Cole and MJF listen to the Wu-Tang Clan, because “Protect Ya Neck” would be good advice.

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As we dig through the boxes of history, this gem is too important not to share. WWE has a video of MJF’s audition for Tough Enough. This was published eight years ago, before our abomination in 2023 AD.

The question we’ll get an answer to soon is whether MJF is better than Samoa Joe.

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