MLB Summary: San Francisco Giants beat Milwaukee Brewers 4-2

MLB Summary: San Francisco Giants beat Milwaukee Brewers 4-2

For about 7.2 innings, this day stopped for Milwaukee Brewers It was shaping up to be one of the worst downtimes across continents. He spends the night at the Salt Lake City Radisson mostly thanks to Corbin Burnes being Corbin Burnes.

Mr. Burns spent his evening dotting his pieces on the absolute edge of the board for both right and left, pushing the boundaries of the strike zone, forcing San Francisco Giants Rackets to wave in non-growth pitches, mix in a late-stroke curve, and are generally good at their job.

He hit 11, walked 2, ceded one song to Brandon Pelt in the first and a single to Luis Gonzalez in the seventh, finally taking him out of the game.

Although Burns did well, the San Francisco relief arm band managed some dominance as well, taking 8 over 6 innings, allowing the walker to walk. The first Brewers make to leave the field came from Zach Little on the fifth. Their only flaw was a failed throw by Brandon Crawford by Dominic Leon in the second that allowed Keston Hyura to advance to third and eventually record on a single by Mike Bruseau.

After seven rounds, this game is pretty much set. The brewers are up 1-0. Not much of an insult. Lots of hits. Showing some amazing defense for both teams including the usual suspects.

Cero Estrada got this combination.

The most exciting thing that happened to San Francisco was offensive with former Giant Trevor Gutt on the hill. After singles with two in 7, Luis Gonzalez was sent off trying to steal second place by catcher Vincent Caratini.

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The call was initially judged to be safe with Gonzalez slipping under the very high mark and not great by Gold Glover Kolten Wong, but after review, the call was reversed.

It’s possible the angles in New York were different than the angles shown by TV replays, or were able to freeze the frame, and super-zooms of a glove scratching the forearm before the hand found the base, but it does seem strange how fast. The call has been cancelled. Laces are not part of the gauntlet in the tag game. I don’t see anything that would upset that call.

C’est not life. San Francisco’s reinstatement problems continue.

I had written this whole summary mainly in the sixth and seventh inning. Then, as often happens, the game completely changed.

I’m not someone who holds grudges…but Trevor Gott owes us one.

Joc Pederson was in L.A. winning a championship around the time Gott’s fiery car crash ended as a Giants savior in 2020 – there wasn’t an ax grinding there specifically – so Pederson came out of the box at mid-bat, a fan who was squawking him very loudly from the stands and make it personal.

If Pederson had done that nonsense Superman on file Dodgers My inland uniform was going to explode in rage…but, as Jerry Seinfeld once said, we’re really here rooting for the wash.

San Francisco is now leading 2-1 and of course, The Giants Bullpen slipped for the second time in 8 runs as Jake McGee threw a terrible, badly foul fastball 2-1 and 2-out to Willy Adames.

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home run. The game is linked. The scales tilt back towards the home team.

On the ninth day, underdog Jake Cousins ​​made two quick arrests before giving up a career four on the field in front of Wilmer Flores, bringing in Luis González…

As great as Pederson’s home run has been, I think Gonzalez’s second shot was even better.

Dinger Jock will inevitably rub some people the wrong way, but that was kind of to be expected. He was swinging a hot racket. Hit for power. He strikes for power exclusively against the right, and was basically out of the same court that McGee would soon throw Adames.

For Gonzalez, that was the last thing anyone expected. Home racing in the major tournaments is never going to happen until it does. It’s an impossibility not to be.

For the first time at home in his career, it was a Doozy: a game winner, on the seventh pitch of the at-bat from a 97-mph diver running on his hands, a 109-mph off the bat, folds into the right field pole foul. beauty. It can be as pure as four filling machines.

4-2 win San Francisco. Giants are heading home.

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