M&M emptied their bag! | Pres

M&M emptied their bag!  |  Pres

In 1938, a civil war broke out in Spain. Soldiers in the trenches coat their chocolates with sugar so they don’t melt. American businessman Forrest Mars, later on a trip to the Iberian Peninsula, took note of the process, and upon his return to America, marketed M&M’s. Candy that melts in your mouth, not your hands. Instant success!

In 1971, Red and Yellow, two animated M&Ms, appeared in commercials. Red is a round and confident chocolate M&M. Yellow is a peanut M&M, large and not. Laurel and Hardy of the Chocolate Factory. In 1997 Miss Green was added, the first female character, who declared that she wouldn’t melt for anyone. He will join Miss Brown in 2011. Purple last September. The group also includes Gentleman Blue and Orange. It is a gang of seven. Definitely the most famous and beloved symbols on this planet. The iconic Canadian pastel blue jersey has nothing to do with metal.

Still, it’s not the metal that’s disappearing, it’s them, the crunchy M&Ms.

Last Monday, Mars announced that it would no longer use its characters, prompting a backlash from the American right against them. It was the arrival of purple, a color that symbolizes support for the LGBTQ+ community, that raised the ire of well-meaning people.

Tucker Carlson, the Fox News commentator, next to whom Rambo Gauthier looks like Danny Verveen and treats him to M&Ms, got up, indicating that Green should be a lesbian and Purple should be obese. She also blamed Green for replacing her white boots with sneakers, which made her less attractive. His colleague Martha McCallum said promoting the addition of M&Ms makes China stronger.

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The major interested parties have yet to comment on their cancellation. They break their silence, today, exclusively, inside Pres. This will be the only and last interview in their lives.

Stephen Laporte (SL): Red, yellow, green, brown, blue, orange and purple, hello! Thank you for speaking up at this difficult time. First, how are you?

Red: We are sorry! We do not understand what is happening! We are just chocolate candies and Peanuts ! We are not Julian Assange! We are M&M’s!

Brown: Red, peace! You’re going broke, really.

SL: Green, you’ve swapped your high heels for sneakers, and now what do you say to Tucker Carlson who finds you less attractive?

green: Let him go to therapy! I’m an M&M, not an S&M! If he finds a tempting M&M, how about before the honeymoon or Mr. Big! ?

Yellow: I dream that Tucker Carlson is allergic to peanuts and that he is swallowing me!

Blue: Did not say that you can see the yellow!

SL: Purple, do you feel responsible for what happens to your friends?

Purple: I know I’m the straw that broke the bag, but I consider it. I don’t regret anything. However, I regret that no one came forward to protect us. Where are they, the defenders of the Left? Bernie Sanders? Greta Thunberg? Bernard-Henri Levy? Han? Not a single word about us! We’re nothing but candy!

Orange: I would have thought that Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois from Quebec City would have walked with us. Not even.

Yellow: Must be a Smarties eater!

green: Too bad for the left! Today, the Right has succeeded in silencing Miss Green, and one day it will be Green. You have been warned!

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Purple: We want to at least spark a wave of solidarity with other symbols. We want Bonhomme Carnaval to support us with his big foot on the half-pole.

Brown: It won’t be too hard for a yuppie to stop showing his joy once CH wins.

SL: Your company fired you, now what are you going to do?

Brown: Well, we’re looking for one Work. You don’t need four years of university to teach at Quebec’s premier 4-year-old kindergarten, so you have a chance of getting hired, especially since 4-year-olds love us so much.

Blue: One does not stick to fingers.

Red: Or almost not.

SL: Best wishes to you. Do you have the last word before your company takes the floor from you?

Red: Yes! It’s really disgusting, offensive!

green: Stephen Biro is right…

Brown: The world is turned upside down!

Yellow: And you know what an upside-down M&M does?

Blue: It’s a W&W!

Purple: A wake up!

Orange: We will win!

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