Montérégie: “Such an isolated hurricane, this powerful, this is the first time,” says a firefighter.

Montérégie: “Such an isolated hurricane, this powerful, this is the first time,” says a firefighter.

The day after the first hurricane of the year, Tuesday is time to clean up in Rigaud and Tres-Saint-Redemptor in Monterrey.

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In total, the tornado is estimated to have traveled nearly 12 kilometers, notably destroying a residence in Très-Saint-Rédempteur and a farm in Rigaud along its path.

“It’s boring, but it’s part of life. It happened to us about 35 years ago, but not that big,” said Richard Carrier, owner of Ferm Garra, tearfully looking at the damage to his land.

For Jean-Charles Beaubois, meteorologist and president of MétéoGlobale, the first hurricane of the year arrived “too early because we are still at the end of May”. He said the hurricane season will last until the end of July.

“Depending on the damage, Environment Canada experts can determine what force [elle a eu]But still […] It’s not F1. Of course. It’s probably an F2,” he explained to TVA Nouvelles, stressing that a force 2 hurricane has winds of 180 or 200 km/h.

Director of Rigat Fire Protection Service said that this is the first time we have seen such an event in the sector.

“We’ve had big storms, but this is an isolated hurricane, powerful over 30 feet, over a dozen kilometers, this is the first time,” he noted in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

What to do in case of hurricane?

He also recalled the importance of sheltering in place when a tornado warning is issued by Environment Canada.

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“As soon as they talked about the tornado warning to take shelter in the basement, it was sent around 2 p.m. Naturally, not crying wolf all the time, but following the recommendations of experts. Lives can be saved. sir [Très-Saint-Rédempteur] Know something about it,” he added.

The man in question is Daniel Gelinas. The latter was in his house when the tornado hit, which caused the most significant damage. Fortunately he was not injured.

“We’re still a little bit in shock. Obviously, there is a lot of work to be done. We have been working for four years to build all the things we want on our land, and now we have to start all over again,” he said, returning to the site once to look at the damage.

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