April 15, 2024

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Montreal: Which leader do you like? | J.D.M.

The election in Montreal will be a personality contest. But beyond the person, which city do you dream of? Here is my short portrait.

Valerie Plant

The student stands in central, more urban areas with clients and young families. His followers are Montrealists who consider the city as a whole and love green alleys, sidewalks, and cycling. Cycling and public transportation are at the heart of the city’s development, which annoys many motorists.

Project Montreal makes a lot of efforts to attract cultural communities and has a foundation in some categories. I woke up Of the English-speaking community. Valerie Blonde promotes local and neighborhood life, and her opponents say this is detrimental to the development of a major international metropolis. It places a high priority on the fight against climate change. Not paying the slightest attention to economic growth, it can still boast of an admirable economic climate for the metropolis.

Denise Koder

It provides revenue for major projects and events from a metropolitan and international perspective. According to him, Montreal should behave like a local government, so it will demand new powers and funding that could create conflicts with Quebec. Popular in the former integrated suburbs and multi-ethnic neighborhoods; The seniors support it. His party brings together many alumni of the Tremble era.

Joe Ortona, chairman of the English Montreal School Board, an ardent activist for Anglophone rights and lawlessness 21, is an important editorial choice for the former mayor. How will he adjust the position on the use of Bill 21 in French security and Montreal? Denise Koder is very intimidating to public transportation and questions the REV Saint-Denis lane. The fluid and space reserved for cars are sacred to his team. It prioritizes the electrification of transportation and aims to attract the economic community to post-COVID recovery.

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Which city and which leader do you like?