Most searched terms in Google Canada by 2021: epidemic, sports and more

Most searched terms in Google Canada by 2021: epidemic, sports and more

Epidemiology, climate change, and political and diplomatic strife have sparked interest in Cubs and Canadians on Google, showing the results of recent searches in the country over the past year.

Vaccination activity is still ongoing across the country and the term “vaccine coward closure” ranks first among the most coveted expressions in Quebec and third in Canada.

Quebecs also searched for information about the vaccine and the vaccine passport (the second word in the most popular news).

Election year demand, federal elections have also attracted the interest of internet users in the country. The election, which led to the re-election of Justin Trudeau, is the second most coveted news in Canada and the seventh in Quebec.

In addition, “We [en tant que Canadiens] We explored residential schools and asked, “Why were they created?” When asked, we searched for some souls and tried to better understand Canadian history. “, We can read in the publications of the spokespersons of Google Canada, Louisa Stanik and Alexandra Klein.

Canadians still seem to be interested in the sport, but surprisingly, the NBA ranks first in sports research in the country.

Hockey and the NHL come in second.

“As we searched for Canadian athletes such as Leila Fernandez, Andre de Gross, Penny Olexiac and many other local heroes, we found ways to reconnect through the games,” the post noted.

In Quebec, Canadian and Gary Price took the NHL to the pinnacle of the search, but surprisingly, Laval tennis player Lela Fernandez topped the search engine’s most searched athletes.

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In terms of television entertainment, the most marked by Canadians in 2021 is undoubtedly the “Squid Game” series, which topped the Canadian and Quebec rankings. In Quebec, unlike the Canadian top, there are some fiction in the top 10 series.

In contrast, reality shows such as “Double Occupation in the West”, “The Island of Love”, “Star Academy” and “Si on s’aimait” dominate the prize list.

December 2021 marks the twentieth anniversary of the launch of Google in the country. For this occasion, the search engine used the opportunity to compile the results of the most searched words in the country during this period, and the word “Canada”.

“While it’s fun at first glance, there is something very special about a country finding itself.

“What does it mean to be a Canadian ‘,’ How do I immigrate to Canada ‘and’ What land am I in? ‘ How Canadians are constantly questioning, searching and understanding can be the best version of us, ”the blog post reads.

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