NBA Playoffs: Pacers beat Knicks in Game 7 as Jalen Brunson leaves game with broken hand

NBA Playoffs: Pacers beat Knicks in Game 7 as Jalen Brunson leaves game with broken hand

The New York Knicks and Indiana Pacers have taken this series as far as it can go. The game went back and forth unpredictably, with the Pacers mostly playing spoiler. The Knicks took a 2-0 lead, but then the Pacers evened the series, including crushing the Knicks by more than 30 points in Game 4. The Knicks, in turn, blanked the Pacers by 30 in Game 5, but then lost by 13 points in Game 6.

This brings us to game seven. If the Pacers win, it will be their first trip to the Eastern Conference Finals since 2013-14. A 10-year drought is pretty bad, but nowhere near as bad as the Knicks. They haven’t reached the conference finals since 1999-2000.

Which team will end their drought today? We’ll know in just four quarters. Follow along here for all the action from Game 7.

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  • The Knicks are running out of bodies against the Pacers

    This will do it. With Jalen Brunson breaking his hand and OG Anunoby playing just 4:41, the Knicks didn’t have much to offer in a 130-109 loss to the Pacers in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals at Madison Square Garden. The Pacers set a playoff record, shooting 67.1% from the floor, and the final score was never in doubt.

  • Donte DiVincenzo scored 8 3s

  • The Pacers are doing something very special

    With three minutes remaining in the third quarter of Game 7, the Pacers are averaging 2.33 points per game in transition, according to Cleaning the Glass — an absolutely ridiculous number, so far higher than the best transition offenses in the league that It may be so. Fake number.

  • Knicks is starting to put things together

    By stringing together a few stops, and creating a few baskets, the game can start to turn around. New York’s ball pressure – both full-court picks and half-court picks – was much better early in the third quarter, and a 12-5 run pushed the deficit back to single digits. .

  • Not great news for the Knicks

    In these playoffs, the Knicks are 7-0 when they win the rebounding battle, and 0-5 when they lose. Halftime? Indiana held a 22-13 advantage on the boards to take a 15-point lead on the scoreboard.

  • Pacers roll at half

    It’s 70-55 at halftime with the Pacers shooting 76.3% (29 of 38) from the field and 66.7% (8 of 12) from 3. The Pacers also outrebounded the Knicks 22-13. A visibly struggling OG Anunoby played 4:41 for the Knicks in the first quarter and did not return.

  • Jalen Brunson struggled in the first half

    A pair of free throws with 3:12 remaining in the half were Jalen Brunson’s first points of the second quarter. He has seven assists and no turnovers, but just eight points on 3-for-10 shooting. If the Knicks can’t control the Pacers’ overwhelming offense, they’ll need a lot more from him to match their firepower.

  • how’s it going…

    Andrew Nembhard’s whistling for two drives in one minute may have been the first time the Knicks have had multiple stops in quick succession all day.

  • The Pacers are taking control

    Great on-ball defense by Ben Sheppard, who absolutely refused to let himself get blocked by Donte DiVincenzo, led to a Knicks turnover, another Pacers fast break, and another bucket in the paint — his eighth of the game, less than three minutes later. Second Quarter. Indiana is 18, Tom Thibodeau wants to talk about it, and the Garden is completely silent right now.

  • The Pacers are on fire

    The Pacers shot 77.8% (7 of 9) from 3 in the first quarter. Is this good?

  • Therese Halliburton means “work.”

    Welcome to Game 7, Tyrese Haliburton. Four straight buckets — including three transition 3-pointers — gave him 11 quick points, pushing the Pacers’ lead to double figures at 34-22. Indiana has 34 points on 17 possessions – a very aggressive offense to start a seventh game.

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