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New Amsterdam Synopsis: Series Finale – Season 5, Episode 13

New Amsterdam Synopsis: Series Finale – Season 5, Episode 13

Warning: The following contains major spoilers for Tuesday New Amsterdam. Proceed at your own risk!

New AmsterdamThe final episode began with a surprising announcement: Max was leaving the hospital to go to work for the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. The big move was part of his plan to devote more time to his daughter Luna, which must have worked, because in the show’s closing scene, New Amsterdam’s new medical director addresses her staff and reveals that she’s Luna, who has all grown up in charge and is played by Molly Greggs (servant, prodigal son) In the future!

Back in the current timeline, Max’s decision to take the new job brings an abrupt end to his relationship with Elizabeth Wilder. But Max was committed to making Luna the center of his life, even if it meant letting go of all the things he loved, he told Elizabeth. While handing her the keys to New Amsterdam, he reassures her that if he did Do you Come back, it will not be to the hospital. But technically, it is he Single, so does this mean there is hope for the #Sharpwin? (More on that below).

Elsewhere in the Ender series, Iggy and Martin remarry only in a small family ceremony hosted by Gladys. Vanessa hooks up with Lauren at an NA meeting; And it seemed Floyd had finally convinced a woman he loved to stay in New York.

Below, showrunner/executive producer David Schulner and EP/director Peter Horton break down Luna’s final twist and whether Max’s murky romantic ending leaves the door open for him and Helen to reunite. Plus, scroll down to select the final score for the series!

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