December 11, 2023

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NFC Playoff photo update: The Detroit Lions extend their lead in the division

NFC Playoff photo update: The Detroit Lions extend their lead in the division

Detroit Lions Squeak by Chicago Bears In an exciting match on Sunday afternoon. By the time Sunday night’s game was over, it became clear how important the Lions’ win was.

Most of the top teams in the NFC come out of Week 11 with a win (if they play). That means the Lions were able to keep up with all of those teams, and continue to hold their spot as the No. 2 overall seed in the conference. But Detroit got a big help from the Denver Broncos late, when they beat the Minnesota Vikings on “Sunday Night Football.”

Let’s take a closer look at NFC playoff picture With only the Monday night game between the Chiefs and Eagles taking place in Week 11.

NFC North

  1. Lions: 8-2
  2. Vikings: 6-5
  3. Packers: 4-6
  4. Bears: 3-8

The Vikings remain Detroit’s only real competition, but with their loss to the Broncos, the Lions now have a huge 2.5-game lead over the Vikings. Detroit and Minnesota still have two head-to-head games remaining, so the top spot is still up for grabs with seven weeks remaining. But the Lions are in a really comfortable position right now.

NFC playoff picture

Division leaders:

  1. Eagles: 8-1 (play on “Monday Night Football”)
  2. Lions: 8-2
  3. 49ers: 7-3
  4. Saints: 5-5

Wild Card Race (advancing in the top three)

  1. Cowboys: 7-3
  2. Seahawks: 6-4
  3. Vikings: 6-5
  4. Packing: 4-6
  5. Rams: 4-6
  6. Falcons: 4-6
  7. Pirates: 4-6
  8. Leaders: 4-7
  9. Giants; 3-8
  10. Bears 3-7
  11. Cardinals: 2-9
  12. Panthers: 1-9

The Lions didn’t get much help here either. Although the Seahawks lost, the Cowboys and 49ers won. This keeps the 49ers competing with Detroit for the No. 2 seed, while Dallas will continue to be a force to be reckoned with at the top of the Wild Card standings if they don’t end up catching the Eagles at the top of the NFC East. .

However, not much has changed overall. The Lions still hold their own in the division. They hold their own with the No. 2 overall seed in the NFC. Now that they have a four-game lead over outside teams, the playoffs are just a formality at this point.

Monday night’s game between the Eagles and Chiefs will not change the NFC standings at all. Even if the Eagles lose and fall to 8-2, they will retain the top seed in the division, because they have a better record in conference games (6-0) than the Lions (5-1).

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