‘Octomom’ Nadia Suleman Shares Ripped Gym Pic While Revealing She Missed 3 Pills While Pregnant

‘Octomom’ Nadia Suleman Shares Ripped Gym Pic While Revealing She Missed 3 Pills While Pregnant

“I wouldn’t have the mental or physical capabilities to do what I’m doing if it weren’t for the exercise!” Solomon wrote in a candid new post

Nadia Suleiman/Instagram; Tiffany Rose/WireImage

Nadia Suleiman She has been vocal about her health since giving birth to her octuplets in 2009.

On Tuesday, the 47-year-old mom opened up about her fitness journey Instagram since welcoming her eight children: Noah, Josiah, Nariyah, Maliah, Jonah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Macai 14.

Suleiman shared several gym selfies and a video of herself working out, writing in her caption, “I’ve been asked for years how I stay physically strong and healthy (and mentally sane), despite my stressful and busy lifestyle with such a large family.”

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She continued, “Powerlifting has been my method of channeling stress constructively, consistently, for over 30 years.” “Weight training became more of a priority after giving birth, just to maintain my strength and mobility.”

She also revealed: “As a result of pregnancy, I suffered three more herniated discs (one disc had a herniated disc due to a work-related injury decades ago); bilateral sciatica; sacral damage; and peripheral neuropathy (and the abdominal cavity ruptured over it 💁🏻‍♀️).”

“Districts like this would render me incapacitated if I were to live a sedentary lifestyle. Counterintuitive though it may seem, the more active I am, the less pain I will feel.” Several days without weight training exacerbates already aching back pain and near immobility. .”

“I strive for strength training 3-4 days a week, plus 1 hour of cardio 4-5 days a week (I switched from a stair-stepper to a stationary bike years ago),” she said of her training routine.

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Natalie Suleiman / Instagram

Natalie Suleiman / Instagram

“Fortunately, my kids have adopted the same active lifestyle. My oldest trains with three weights that I have, a lot heavier than me, and a lot of times,” Solomon notes, referring to her sons Elijah, 21, and Joshua, 19, and daughter Amerah, 20, She is also a mother of twins. Kalisa and Caleb16 years old, and Ibn Aidan, 17 years old.

“Ironically, my oldest son Eli, who has been training constantly for three years, is over my 30 and loves to make fun of me in the gym lol,” Solomon writes. “But he encouraged me to lift weights with proper technique, which improved my strength and performance.”

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Then she shared the following words of encouragement. Solomon wrote: “To my parents of busy fellows…Never compare yourself to anyone else!”. “Your current fitness level and fitness journey is unique to you, so just try to be the best version of yourself.”

“Focus on setting and striving to achieve personal goals, and progress at your own pace,” Solomon advised. “Be a role model so that your kids learn to prioritize physical activity, and encourage them to exercise with you!”

“Don’t feel guilty for taking the time to replenish and recharge,” she concluded. “Your family will benefit greatly when you take care of your mind and body, as you will have more positive energy to give. I wouldn’t have the mental or physical capabilities to do what I do without exercise!” #ParentsLetsLeadByExample 💪🏽. “

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