February 25, 2024

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One of the organizers canceled a planned ‘Freedom Rally’ in Winnipeg

One of the organizers canceled a planned ‘Freedom Rally’ in Winnipeg

(Ottawa) All indications are that there will finally be no “Freedom Convoy” on the streets of Winnipeg next month.

The Canadian Unity Group, one of the organizers of last year’s protest in Ottawa, has announced it is canceling plans for another rally at the end of February.

“Official Canada Unity Convoy 2.0, scheduled for February 17-20, 2023, enters code 10-7 – service completed,” group founder James Potter wrote in a statement posted on Facebook.

Bauder initially planned to return to Ottawa for another four-day protest, where participants would gather at a location outside the city and make daily rounds of Parliament Hill.

Photo by Sean Kilpatrick, Canada Press Archives

Canada Unity founder James Potter was among dozens arrested and charged with various offenses related to failing to follow police orders during the February 2022 protest.

However, Mr. Pater announced on December 25 that the event would be moved to Manitoba’s capital city.

But that plan also failed.

In his Facebook post, Mr. Pouder explained the decision on personal attacks on him, without specifying what the security risks were.

Although Convoy 2.0 took place in Manitoba, Bauder was particularly concerned that participants could be charged under Ontario’s new Bill 100, which was passed last year following the first protest.

The law prohibits protests at protected transportation infrastructure, including airports and border crossings. It also allows the police to confiscate driver’s licenses and license plates used in illegal raids.

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In February 2022, Mr. Potter is one. He was charged with mischief and disobeying police orders and court orders. One of his bail conditions prohibits him from traveling to Ottawa.

Significant impacts

The first edition of the “Freedom Convoy” paralyzed the city of Ottawa and various border crossings with the United States for several weeks. The central government sought Emergency Measures Act For the first time since its adoption to end the demonstration.

In the weeks leading up to the protests in Ottawa, Mr. Powder tried to draft a “memorandum of understanding” and present it to Governor General Mary Simon. He asked her and all sitting senators to sign a deal that would topple the government and create an MP.me Simon, the senators, his wife Sandra, another person and himself the official Canadian government.

This new government would have ordered all other levels of government to end Covid-19 health restrictions and reinstate workers suspended or fired for not being vaccinated.

Mr. Bauder’s group then joined with other organizations to implement a blockade that affected many parts of the city of Ottawa and some provincial legislatures.

However, as events unfolded in Ottawa, Mr. Powder does not appear to have been one of the main organizers or leaders.

A public inquiry should be held on the central government’s decision Emergency Measures Act A six-week public hearing was held last fall. We were able to uncover details of the chaos and dysfunction that reigned in the various groups and police forces organizing the demonstrations.

The commission’s final report is expected next month.

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The City of Ottawa reported that police and municipal service costs exceeded $52 million as a result of the event. For the city of Windsor, blocking the Ambassador Bridge border crossing has caused tremendous economic disruption, with policing costs estimated at nearly $7 million.