Passengers may have unpleasant surprises

The Canadian Minister of Health warns travelers that choosing to go in the coming days can come as a bad surprise: activities may change quickly at the border, for example, they may impose isolation when they return home.

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“Nothing is possible,” Minister Jean-Yves Douglas said in an interview Magazine. Border activities can change very quickly. “

He cites that this includes imposing isolation on vacationers returning to Canada.

It does not rule out the possibility of raising the foreign travel alert level to level 4, its maximum level, which asks Canadians to avoid all travel to protect public health.

At this point, it is in level 3, which means “Avoid unnecessary trips”. “We can actually go up to level 4.”

“What worries me the most is when people return to the country, the actions may have changed and they should not be isolated. I’m very worried about what will happen if people decide to travel. If they leave the country, the assistance that the government can do for them is very limited.”

Disrupted flights

He points out that flights intercepted as a result of passengers stranded abroad, the risk of COVID-19 infections preventing them from returning to Canada until drastic and abrupt measures to isolate another country or citizens recover.

So to avoid travel and reduce their contact with Canadians Mr. Douglos asks.

He believes the current “crisis” is exacerbated by the potential for caregivers to become infected and fall into battle.

The health measures announced by the Quebec government are, for him, a step in the right direction.

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He appreciates Quebec’s method of administering the third dose, which is highly vulnerable and a priority for health workers.

Other provinces, such as Ontario, have chosen to open the third dose of the vaccine immediately for people 18 and older. “We have the right strategy in Quebec,” he assures us.

Antiviral drugs

He points out that “in the next few weeks” additional equipment will be added to the caregivers’ arsenal to combat Govt-19, which, with the immediate approval of antiviral drugs, will reduce the severity of the disease.

They are currently under review by Health Canada. Agreements have already been signed with pharmaceutical companies to deliver in the country.

“It’s good,” he said. Douglas sees.

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