September 26, 2023

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Pay attention to Wall Street conferences

Pay attention to Wall Street conferences

  • CNBC’s Jim Cramer told investors what to look forward to next week, including several major business conferences.
  • He also indicated that the United Auto Workers union may strike next week if it cannot reach an agreement with automakers by Thursday’s deadline.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer told investors to prepare for several major conferences next week, including Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference and Morgan Stanley’s annual Laguna conference.

“All of this is important because I believe we are nearing the end of the Fed’s tightening cycle,” Cramer said. “When we get to that point — maybe we’ve got five or six months to go — and the Fed is moving toward its 2% inflation target, well, you’re only going to have a few rate hikes left. You need to become more bullish on the stock market, than “Historical aspect.”

Cramer added that it can be difficult to remain optimistic when the economy appears to be headed toward a slowdown because many companies may use their conferences to “steer downward.”

“This happens every year. This year, I expect more of it because of where we are in the cycle. And what you have to do, is buy shares of companies that are doing well, that I just talked about, and whose shares have sunk and gone down because of the negativity of a few companies,” he said.

On Monday, Cramer will watch Barclays’ annual global financial services conference, where JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon will speak. Kramer will also be watching the Dreamforce event taking place in San Francisco next week. He added that Tuesday will witness the launch of the new iPhone from Apple.

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On Wednesday, Cramer will review new CPI numbers, which provide insight into inflation.

Cramer said he is also waiting to see if the United Auto Workers union will be able to reach an agreement with the Big Three automakers by Thursday’s deadline. Also on Thursday, semiconductor company Arm is expected to go public, and Adobe and Lennar are both scheduled to report quarterly results after the market closes.

Cramer said Friday could find investors concerned about the Federal Reserve’s meeting the following week.

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