Pistons' Tom Gores apologizes to fan base, hints at changes on the horizon

Pistons' Tom Gores apologizes to fan base, hints at changes on the horizon

The Detroit Pistons are having a tough season, with a dismal 2-26 record, the worst in the NBA. They not only broke the franchise's longest single-season losing streak but also endured its longest losing streak. Another loss on Saturday would tie them for the NBA's single-season losing streak record at 26 games.

Adding to their woes, if the Pistons don't win at least one of their next four games, they could endure two full months in a row without a win.

From the players and coaching staff to the front office and ownership, no one in the Pistons organization expected this kind of start to the 2023-24 season, especially team owner Tom Gores. With the franchise on a collision course with the NBA's unfortunate history, Gores spoke with select media members late Friday night to address the state team moving forward, including issuing an apology to fans.

I've been thinking about this for a long time, about how to connect with audiences. “We owe it to them,” Joris opened the conference call. “I think there's a conversation about the Pistons and where we are, and we also apologize for disappointing our fans. Obviously I'm as disappointed as everyone else, but I think talking to our fans and letting them know what's going on and giving them “Situation is crucial at this time. This is a pivotal moment.”

He added: “We had a lot of expectations, losing these games in a row, etc. It's tough, but at the same time, I'm here. I want to be accountable for that, but also let everyone know that we have a plan.”

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Although Gores did not specify the nature of these changes or the details of the plan, he stressed the importance of holding everyone accountable. From his perspective, expect the team to be on a trajectory toward playoff contention or at least a play-in tournament appearance, rather than finding themselves back in the NBA draft lottery.

While he looks to head coach Monty Williams and general manager Troy Weaver for better results, it puts more of the burden on himself and Weaver's shoulders. He believes the current problems are a byproduct of events or not occurring before Williams arrived.

“It can't be on Monty. Monty here is a 20-game thing. You can say, 'Hey, maybe he could have done this spin, that spin.' It gets you a few wins. And Monty judges himself every day. It won't be “Right. And people like the idea of ​​sending a message to blame someone. I've never done that in my leadership, and I've never progressed. I'm nowhere. I'm not sending the message out to the wrong person. It's going nowhere.”

Although Gores did not announce any sweeping changes during the conference call, such as firing members of the coaching staff and front office, he made it clear that “change is coming” and emphasized the idea that something is about to take shape. He stated that he is concerned about the direction things are headed, but that he is not panicking, as he has been in contact with Weaver on a daily basis and communicates with Williams frequently.

Jorris even stated that he is open to discussing rotations with Williams, something he has never done before, just to make sure no effort is put into overhauling the team.

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“We're doing our best, and we're probably two weeks ahead of you guys, (and) the fans, on that,” Juris said. “Our disappointment is catching up with us as well. We expected much more, but we have to be realistic as there were some things that did not suit the composition of the team.

“And even when it comes down to it we should have won a few more games, but how many are those? Maybe three, four? Who knows what that number is? But we were not prepared the way we should have been prepared. So no one is fooling each other.” That we are there in any way.

Here are some highlights from the conference call with Gores:

When they hear “sell the team” they exclaim the possibility: “They can say what they want, but this is ridiculous. It is ridiculous. Other than winning, we should win more games, but we are doing our best to give the best to Detroit.

“Selling the team? I mean they don't understand what we do in the community. I know we have to get more wins, but we care about the community and are in tune with it. Selling the team means selling the community.”

“I'm not doing it for the community. Basketball aside, we've made a very big difference in the community, and that means a lot to me. I understand it would mean a lot to people if we win. But the underbelly of it and our connection to the community over all these years is there. “With billion-dollar things out of scope. I understand a fan being upset, but it's a ridiculous idea.”

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On what he considers success moving forward this season: “I think success in the bigger picture is ensuring that our young players, who are 22 or under, grow up with the heart of the future and feel encouraged. As for the fans, I would like to see them support the players, blame me if necessary, but overall, I support them. I believe that if we can continue to grow this core, we will achieve success.

“We have the flexibility to surround them with what they need to succeed.”

On Troy Weaver making changes to improve the team composition: “I expect Troy to find changes because if it stays exactly the same, I don't think anyone can be here and say in any real way that this change is not needed. So I expect Troy to find ways to improve the makeup of our team and make us more successful. I expect him to find ways to improve the makeup of our team and make us more successful. “The ways, he knows it. If we don't do something to improve ourselves, I'll be disappointed. This is nothing new for Troy.”

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