Pixel 7a leaked in a new official image [Gallery]

Pixel 7a leaked in a new official image [Gallery]

Google’s Pixel 7a is expected to hit Google I/O in just over a month, and now the phone has leaked in official-looking images.

The Pixel 7a isn’t exactly a shrouded device, but it hasn’t appeared in many images yet. MySmartPrice Today, OnLeaks published several photos of the Pixel 7a phone, showing the device from several angles, in what appears to be official offers for the device to be used for marketing and other purposes.

While these renders don’t tell us anything right now about what’s inside the Pixel 7a, they do show off a device that’s remarkably similar to its predecessor. The Pixel 7a shares the same shape and screen frame as the Pixel 6a, but it does see a few tweaks. The camera bar is lower this time, and it also matches the design of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro with a metal band that has a cut-out for the camera module. The band appears to be matte, and matches the $599 Pixel 7. Expected on this camera band is an upgraded primary sensor, as we previously reported.

Most notable here is the blue color variant which we haven’t seen yet. This color was first reported earlier this year, with new Pixel Buds variants to match, but this is the first we’ve seen. The shade of blue is very pale, but perhaps more noticeable than the Pixel 4a’s blue.

Also somewhat noticeable is the device’s bezel, which it changes to a slightly greater degree between color variants this year. Also like the Pixel 6a, there are antenna bands along the frame, all of which confirm that it will be made of metal.

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The Pixel 7a is expected to add support for wireless charging, new cameras as we mentioned, as well as Google’s Tensor G2 chipset. Pricing is not clear, but the phone went on sale in June.

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