April 16, 2024

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Pixel Battery widget adds more volume, Wear OS appears

Pixel Battery widget adds more volume, Wear OS appears

we spotted in Android 13 Beta 3 How to resize the Pixel Battery tool to smaller sizes, but you don’t have to wait for the new OS to take advantage. The Settings services update is rolling out on Android 12 along with a partial Wear OS theme.

The Settings services version is responsible for making Pixel’s Battery widget a lot smaller. The previous compact configuration was a 2×2 and can now be as small as a 2×1. Meanwhile, as we noted last night, there is a 5×1 size that can display three items at once: the phone, the left earpiece, and the right earpiece. At 4 x 1, Pixel Buds are combined with a single percentage.

Meanwhile, the percentage bar is now resized to take up the available space. If there is only one device, it will occupy the entire rectangle. Previously users were left with a lot of empty space. Google has also modified the icon used to represent the Pixel Buds as shown below against the cover above. It’s somewhat more accurate now.

The other big part of this update is how there is now an Other Devices line item that acts as a count for connected Bluetooth devices.

This includes Fitbit and Wear OS, but the battery level continues to not be reported by the Pixel Battery tool. The count is not overly useful, but it is somewhat faster than using the quick settings panel. Clicking on this item will open the Connected devices page in Settings.

Settings Services is widely deployed Via Play Store for Android 12 today and was part of Android 13 Beta 3.

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