Pixel Watch 2 will use aluminum, Fitbit ‘Coach’ is coming

Pixel Watch 2 will use aluminum, Fitbit ‘Coach’ is coming

We reported in May that Google’s upcoming wearable will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip and other key specs. 9to5Google It can now be reported that the Pixel Watch 2 will switch to aluminum, as Fitbit prepares for the “Coach” workout.

The current Pixel Watch has a stainless steel case sandwiched between “Custom 3D Corning Gorilla Glass 5” and an underside that houses various health sensors.

For the Pixel Watch 2, Google is switching to aluminum, so the weight of the wearable will be slightly less as a result. The current Pixel Watch weighs 36 grams without the strap. Fitbit has experience with aluminum from its Sense and Versa line of smartwatches. It is worth mentioning that feeling 2 It weighs just 26g without a strap, and as a result you can barely feel it on your wrist.

The Apple Watch Series 8 in stainless steel (41mm) weighs 42.3 grams, compared to aluminum’s 32.2 grams. Being as light as possible is important for a fitness-focused device, while I’ve personally found that less weight makes a huge difference when using a sleep-tracking watch.

On the current Pixel Watch, the stainless steel body is something you don’t really see, since the domed glass goes from edge to edge. It’s barely visible to others, with the only stainless steel you can feel being the rotating crown and side button. Google’s shift to aluminum should be minimal. We’d argue that the current design doesn’t really justify rendering models with different materials in the same way as the Apple Watch because you don’t really notice the case when you look at the Pixel Watch face to face.

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Meanwhile, last week Google revealed a new band for the Pixel Watch that features circular cutouts/holes for better ventilation when working out. It comes in coral and it will come this fall. This contributes greatly to our belief that this year’s device will look a lot like the first generation keeping the same band connector.

Fitbit Trainer

A redesign of the Fitbit app has been expected for some time now. We’ve seen a few hints via screenshots, with a launch alongside the Pixel Watch 2 being the most likely outcome at this point.

We’ve learned that one aspect of the new app and Fitbit Premium in general are the “Coach”-branded workouts. It will be similar to what Fitbit Premium offers today and not anything more advanced. To be clear, the Fitbit Coach doesn’t appear to be related to the similarly named workout assistant that Google has been rumored to be working on.

This new branding appeared briefly in a promotional video for Fitbit’s Google Account transfer before it was removed. The new app itself will continue to push users to achieve goals through visuals.

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