Podcast by François Legault | “Sovereignty is possible, but it will be difficult,” says Lucien Bouchard

Podcast by François Legault |  “Sovereignty is possible, but it will be difficult,” says Lucien Bouchard

Lucien Bouchard, the former premier of Quebec and former leader of the Parti Québécois, did not share the opinion of the current leader of the political party, Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon, on the topic of “economic leap”. Expect the province to declare its independence.

“Sovereignty is possible, but it will be difficult. Get ready there. Following the accession to sovereignty, how will the currency markets work? What will happen to the Canadian dollar? Nobody knows, but we know it will be chaotic,” he announced in an interview with current Prime Minister François Legault.

At least that’s what emerges from the new episode of the podcast series Hi everyone From Avenir Quebec, the leader of the coalition, he interviews his favorite people face-to-face.

The episode released on Tuesday was recorded on October 23, when François Legault meets Lucien Bouchard, the man who got him into politics 25 years ago, the Prime Minister’s Office said.

On that day, the Parti Québécois presented its budget for the first year of a sovereign Quebec, a document inspired by the same exercise that François Legault had previously undertaken when he was a member of the political party at the behest of Lucien Bouchard.

Optimistically, Paul St-Pierre Plamonton, the current leader of the political party, confirmed that “we can reasonably expect”. Economic Leaps Following Quebec’s Independence

Although he didn’t mention it in the podcast Hi everyone If he were to comment on the issue, Lucien Bouchard shares a very different perspective.

” [À l’époque] I said: It will be difficult, there will be turmoil,” he recalled, among other things, of the period before the second Quebec referendum, in 1995. I said these things, and then all the people did not find it. Very clever, but I believe this is not a philosophical move to govern. »

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François Legault asks that this enthusiasm of the former politician who co-founded the Bloc Québécois does not take its source from the question of sovereignty, but rather from the question of whether he finds it “severe, to rule”.

Quebec’s current prime minister responded to the release of the Parti Québécois’ new budget for the year by saying that raising Quebec to country status would lead to “sacrifices” for Quebecers, a difficult situation. Lasts for years.

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