Politically, Quebecers are non-binary, fluid, age…

Politically, Quebecers are non-binary, fluid, age…

We’ve been talking a lot about gender theory for a while now, about people who don’t identify with traditional categories, who don’t call themselves male or female.

Politically, can Quebecers resemble these people? As for our relationships with Quebec and Ottawa, are we politically “fluid,” “gendered,” “non-binary” or “none of the above”?


This is the question I ask when I listen to François Legault and the PSPP.

On the one hand, we have a staunch federalist who wants nothing to do with sovereignty.

On the other hand, a staunch sovereigntist who wanted nothing to do with federalism.

And between the two, the Quebec electorate.

Who wouldn’t love Canada enough to sign the 1982 Constitution.

But who didn’t hate him enough to leave.

In the next poll, if Quebecers have a choice between yes, no and a third option (“we’ll see”, “it depends” or “maybe yes, maybe no”), I’m sure the third option will win.

Hands down.

That’s the average Quebecer.

It’s not just that he doesn’t want to choose, he’s literally a donkey between two chairs.

in the dark

A bra above, a Jack strap below.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I dare say it loud and clear: politically, Quebecers hey !

Quebecois, but not enough to write it in full on his passport.

And Canadian, but not enough to put a Canadian flag on his balcony.

For years we have been told that Quebecers must choose.

Can we not want to choose?

Is this ambiguity, this pleasure in putting the right buttock on one chair and the left buttock on another, etched into the heart of Quebec’s identity?

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Because there were two houses, Quebec took its side?

The popularity of water

A political position very similar to ours, however, clause.

It makes us travel! Well, we love it!

Because this amazing invention allows us to be in Canada and beyond.

Ultimately, we are like “agencies”.

We go our way feelingOur feelings.

When it suits us to be Canadian (for example, when it comes time to receive equalization payments), we self-identify as Canadians.

When it doesn’t apply to us (for example, when the Supreme Court rules on Bill 21), we self-identify as Quebeckers.

We keep all doors open.

“Sex is a ghost now,” one of my daughters told me the other day.

No more house arrest, just walk in as you please.

Are prisons for women shorter than prisons for men? I am a woman !

Do men get paid more than women? I am a man!

We change identities according to our interests.

Laughing at gender theory? Do you find that crazy?

Well, don’t laugh anymore because that’s how we are politically.

Agerez. liquids.


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