Possible ups and downs and one huge what if

Possible ups and downs and one huge what if
(Matayo Uyagalelli, Photo: Jerome Meron, USA Today Sports)

Harbor is one of 11 non-committal five-stars with just over seven weeks left. While it might be a bit unclear which way he’s leaning, that’s not the case with some of the other potential first-round players.

New information continues to suggest it Keon KellyRecruiting the two teams is still a two-team battle between Alabama and Ohio for the top spot in the country. The Buckeyes are also in the thick of things Damon Wilson And the Matthew Oyagaleli (Younger brother of Clemson quarterback DJ Uiagalelei). Landing all three artists would obviously be a huge coup for Ryan Day and veteran assistant Larry Johnson, but it likely won’t come easy with Nick Saban pushing Kelly, and Kirby Smart in hot pursuit for Wilson, who has just toured the UGA for the third time. Uiagalelei, on the other hand, has Oregon and USC on his favorite short list along with Crimson Tide and the Buckeyes.

LSU is believed to be the flagship of the five-star club for the corner Desmond Rex After watching Brian Kelly score a remarkable victory over Saban in Baton Rouge. Rex is still expected to make official visits to both Alabama and Florida before he makes his commitment on December 23, which marks the last day of the early signing period.

Speaking of crimson tides, these two along with Auburn continue to scramble for position with James Smith And the koa rosau. It seems more and more that teammates and good friends will actually sign with the same school, which is pretty rare given deals often break down at the finish line.

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Georgia is also in touch with both Smith and Rossau, and it wouldn’t be entirely out of the question for people in Athens to add the father of two wars to a defensive line likely to include fellow non-compliant five-star Samuel. M’Pemba, who is widely seen as a weak person in UGA. The bulldog also continues to smell Dossie Robinson. The nation’s No. 1 tight finish for all 247Sports joined Kyler Murray and AJ Brown as the third athlete ever to accept invitations to both Under Armor All-America football and Under Armor All-America baseball.

The last five stars not on anyone’s commitment list is the linebacker Anthony Hillalthough it may not be long before the country’s top-ranked linebacker announces his commitment to Texas as a raft of Crystal Ball picks from 247Sports emerged at Longhorns after he reneged on his commitment to Texas A&M earlier this week.

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