Provincial elections: Former journalist Pascale Déry at the CAQ

Provincial elections: Former journalist Pascale Déry at the CAQ

Pascale Déry, a former journalist and politician with conservative and federalist loyalties, will be a candidate for the Avenir Québec coalition in Repenigny. Despite his recent stint as director of communications with Air Canada’s monolingual English-speaking CEO, he assures us that he will always support Bill 96.

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After the candidacies of ex-PQ Bernard Trinville and ex-Ploqvist and Caroline Saint-Hilaire, the CAQ turned to the Canadian Conservative wing to replenish its forces for the next election.

Prime Minister Francois Legault introduced LCN presenter Pascal Terry in the riding of Repentini on Tuesday morning. He succeeds Liz Lavallee, who announced her retirement from politics at the same time.

French Square

From 2020, Terry is director of media relations for Quebec. He was by CEO Michel Rousseau’s side while living in Montreal for several years.

Mr. When Rousseau was appointed, Terry announced Register DPG spoke of “constantly trying to improve functional French”. However, he does not speak French.

Last November, the CEO gave a speech in English only to Metropolitan Montreal’s Board of Trade. Nevertheless, Prime Minister Legault had warned Air Canada management of the risks associated with an English-only speech.

Asked about this, Pascal Terry said that companies now have to comply with Act 96. “The French location is negotiable,” he said. It “endorses” Law 21 on religious symbols.

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A conservative past

In 2015, Stephen Harper’s candidate for the federal Conservatives was Mme Terry makes sure his past is compatible with CAQ’s values.

“I am a nationalist. It was Quebec first. “In 2015, I jumped to the federal level to help improve the quality of life of citizens in Quebec and to protect the interests of Quebecers,” he defended himself, adding that the CAQ is “a broad coalition”.

The Prime Minister also defended his new candidate’s past. “The important thing is that we are a nationalist party. “We are protecting the French language, Quebec values ​​and culture within Canada,” said François Legault.

Change of speech

Prior to his time at Air Canada, Terry worked at the Montreal Economic Institute, an organization that advocates for the economic right and downsizing of government. At that time, he positioned himself against the funding of Early Childhood Centers (CPE).

“It’s a snapshot of this moment”, he pleads today, arguing that “the CPE model has really changed a lot” and “evolved” since 2018.

According to Eric Duhaime, leader of Quebec’s Conservative Party, Terry is an “opportunist” who will be recognized by people.

“I can’t wait to see On content, explain to us how this government respects its conservative ideologies, how this government has increased the deficit to an unprecedented level in Quebec’s history,” the PCQ leader said.

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