Quebec Bridge: A Non-Unanimous Purchase

Quebec Bridge: A Non-Unanimous Purchase

The federal government’s purchase of the Quebec bridge for a symbolic dollar was not unanimous in the national capital.

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Many experts, including Denis Allard, president of the World Railway Heritage Fund (FMPF), are campaigning for the long-term preservation of the bridge.

The president said he was disappointed with the deal between the Canadian government and CN because he believed CN was unable to demonstrate its capabilities to protect the structure of the Quebec bridge.

“This is an urgent announcement. Much better than that in terms of tradition and our Canadian railway policy,” said Mr. Allard explained.

For more than 40 years, Denis Allard has been trying to find solutions to preserve this heritage of Quebec City.

“The purpose of the Quebec Bridge is public transportation. It’s a bicycle lane on the Quebec bridge, not a three-way artery where we’re promoting automobile traffic,” said the head of the FMPF.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be in Quebec on Tuesday or Wednesday to announce details of the bridge purchase.

Watch the full explanation in the video above.

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