June 7, 2023

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Quebec mother loses 2 children in plane crash

Ahead of the holidays, a Quebecer who lost two of his children in a plane crash in Australia a year ago is calling on parents to realize how lucky they are to kiss their offspring at Christmas today.

“Hold your children. Enjoy every moment,” breathes Catherine de Blasio, still reeling from the drama.

On December 19, 2021, the 40-year-old lived in Brisbane, Australia with her two children, Lavinia Mochanu, 10, and Lucas Mochanu, 9.

That morning, her ex-husband and children’s father wanted to give her youngest a belated birthday surprise.

Mother with her children, Lavinia and Lucas.

Photo courtesy of Catherine de Blasio

Mother with her children, Lavinia and Lucas.

He took him and his sister on a plane with his boss, an experienced pilot, in a small plane.

The mother of the family knew nothing of this. His children would be back for dinner, though, their father promised.

It wasn’t until 4 p.m., however, that Mrs. de Blasio, so worried, was busy wrapping Christmas presents when the doorbell rang at her home.

I was shocked

Investigators told him the worst news a parent can get.

“They told me that my children took the crashed plane and that no one survived. I was in shock,” recalled the woman who ran Le Journal in Laurentian, her parents’ home in Point-Calumet.

“I don’t trust him. There are still days when I don’t trust him. It must be a defense mechanism,” he analysed.

It was the mechanical failure that caused the Cessna to crash. The plane plunged upside down.

Since then, the professional nurse has returned to Quebec to seek solace with her parents, who are also devastated by their loss.

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They are the only grandchildren and Catherine is their only daughter.

“It is terrible to know of their death. But, fortunately, we still have our daughter,” Mario de Blasio said emotionally.

Memories everywhere

At home, memories of dead youth decorate almost all the furniture. Catherine de Blasio wears butterfly earrings to symbolize her loved ones.

He has long admired them, listing the steps their elementary school has taken to remember them, including a music gift in his son’s name.

“They really had a natural talent for the clarinet. They were into it band School,” she says, staring into space at the dining table where she sits.

On December 19, 2021, aid was wasted in Australia, where the deaths of two children, a father and a pilot, were noted.

Photo: AFP

On December 19, 2021, aid was wasted in Australia, where the deaths of two children, a father and a pilot, were noted.

Hard time

To get through the stages of grief, the mother says she sought psychological support.

“It’s not easy to think about losing two of my children at 40… and rebuilding a family,” she slips.

In a few days, she will celebrate her second Christmas without her children, but in Quebec, the first time she has lived in Australia for 15 years.

“It’s going to be hard,” she admits. I dread looking at presents under the tree. At least I will be with my family. »

Those lucky enough to unwrap presents with their children, implores them to show joy this festive season.

“It saddens me to see strict parents. I want them to enjoy this moment more with their children. I want to be in their shoes…” she says.