Quebec will make a great leap forward and never go back

Published on May 17, 2023 at 3:30 pm.

Summer weather in Quebec is far from over as of Tuesday evening. A province-wide freeze doesn’t usually mean summer. And yet, the beautiful season is upon us.

Spring is taking hold

When I put my nose out on Wednesday morning, it took willpower to think about terraces and swimming. There were traces of snow in many areas, and many plants and trees were at risk. But Mercury is poised to make a spectacular jump. And he must not go back.

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Summer prepares a big blow

In some parts of the south of the province, the thermometer can climb over 20 degrees within 36 hours. In fact, almost all areas will experience frost early Thursday morning. By Friday afternoon, some places could reach 25°. Over the weekend, southern Quebec will average around 20°.

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A short setback

Mercury will decrease on Monday. But there’s no need to bring out the duck and gloves this time, it will be short-lived and the frost will be localized rather than raging this week. In some areas, temperatures will drop slightly below freezing overnight, but nothing to worry the plants about. Starting next Wednesday, the mercury will once again cross the magical 20° mark, this time for good.

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In standards

Perhaps it feels like time, summer temperatures are late this year. However, in southern Quebec, a prolonged 20° usually begins around May 20. So it is not unusual for there to be some cold spells before this date. At Abitibi, Capital-National and Saguenay, we may have to wait until early June to see a real sequence of 20° or more days. In Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie, patience is required until mid-June. For Côte-Nord, you usually have to wait until mid-July.

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