Régis Labeaume: Bitter letter, Coquist ministers say

CAQ ministers believe Regis Labyum also emptied his heart in a 14-page vitriolic letter about the tram and the 3rd attachment because he was bitten by his runner-up dust in the town hall of Quebec.

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In his letter, the outgoing mayor specifically criticized the Coquista government for interfering in the municipal election campaign by securing $ 600 million in the tramway project.

It would have been even more unacceptable for Minister Jonathan Julian – who left his party and was the right-hand man of Mayor Laboum before jumping into provincial politics – to inform citizens before the vote about the outbreak of spending.

“The scandal would have been even greater if it had not been known,” Charlesburg’s deputy thinks.

“I understand Mr. Labeaume is disappointed with the results of the last election,” he said. Julian inspected, noting a touch of “bitterness” in the letters of the outgoing mayor.

“We look forward to having a new mayor, Bruno Mercantile,” said the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources.

According to Genevieve Gilbold, the minister in charge of the capital-nationals, it is time to turn the page after the 14-year rule of Regis Labyum.

“This is the beginning of a new era in Quebec […] It is good that we are making progress, ”he said. Presented a medal to Lapum.

“I welcome the new era beginning in Quebec with Mr. (Bruno) Marchand, a very, very loving person,” Ms Gilbold stressed in welcoming the election of a new mayor from Quebec.

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Two meetings are already scheduled for the next few days to begin work on various files related to the capital.

“I feel the collaboration will be better,” he said. […] I think the climate will be very pleasant. ”

“I am not surprised by R நிலைgis Labeaume’s position,” commented Prime Minister Franசois Legault, who has never felt “great support” for his tunnel project from the outgoing mayor.

Tito to CAQ Minister Eric Cairo, he said in his letter to Mr. Lapoom scratched.

“Mayor Labeaume has always had great reservations about the project. That’s right, he has the right to speak,” Cairo said.

Mr. about the tramway project. Contrary to what Labeaume suggests, “we have never slowed down this project,” he said.

“What is important to me is that when you look at the majority of citizens of Sடியdier-Appsque in Quebec, they are in 3rd place,” the Prime Minister stressed.e Link. I work for citizens, I don’t work for Regis Labyrinth. », The CAQ leader insisted.

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