Reminder: Splatoon 3’s first Splatfest starts today

Reminder: Splatoon 3's first Splatfest starts today
Photo: Nintendo

Splatoon 3’s world premiere is home to Splatoon 3The first Splatfest, the event kicks off today in all regions! You’ll get to experience the festival of new Splatfests, including the all-new Tri-Color Turf War, in online matches throughout the day, which are well-deservedly held on World Paper Scissors Day.

Splatfest is divided into two halves – the first six hours will be devoted to Splatfest battles, where 1-v-1 paint-spray battles are all along the way. Then, in the second six hours, you’ll get into 4v2v2 battles in a chaotic three-team battle. To join Splatfest, you’ll need to download the Splatfest World Premiere demo and swear allegiance to one of the three teams (tell us what you’ll do). our poll!).

Once you run the demo, you may notice that you were given a code on the screen (or one was emailed). This code gives you a free seven-day Nintendo Switch Online trial (if you haven’t already signed up for the service), so be sure to redeem it so you can get into this mess!

As a reminder, here are the times when Splatfest starts in your area:

  • Europe: August 27 (9am GMT/10am CST to 9pm GMT/10pm CST) – first half starts at 9am/10am, second half starts at 3pm/4pm
  • North Amarica: Aug 27 (9AM PDT/12PM EDT to 9PM PDT) Aug 28 (12AM EDT) – First half starts at 9AM/12PM, second half starts at 3 pm / 6 pm
  • Japan: August 28 (9am-9pm JST) – First half starts at 9am, second half starts at 3pm

Good luck and God bless you! We may see you there.

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