May 30, 2023

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Report: the same Russian brigade destroyed and repaired 8 times

A Ukrainian tank as Russia continues its attack on Ukraine near the frontline town of Vohlidar, Ukraine, February 18, 2023
Yevhen Titov/Reuters

  • The same Russian brigade has been destroyed and re-formed 8 times since the beginning of the war.
  • The Russian 155th Marine Infantry Brigade suffered heavy losses in attempts to take Fuldar.
  • The Russian failures at Voldar drew rare criticism from the country’s military bloggers.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW), a Washington-based think tank, said in a statement that an elite Russian brigade has been destroyed and repaired eight times since the start of the war. a report Friday.

Russia’s 155th Marine Infantry Brigade has been repeatedly destroyed in part due to losses incurred during Russia’s efforts to capture the town of Vohlidar in eastern Ukraine.

At one point, the entire brigade, which consisted of 5,000 soldiers, was destroyed near Fuldar.

Soldiers killed, wounded or taken prisoner Oleksey Dmitrashevsky, head of the combined press center of the Tavrisky district of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, to Politico on February 12.

Dmitrashkevsky estimated at the time that Russian forces were losing 150 to 300 marines a day near the coal mining town.

The town of Vohlidar was the center of heavy fighting in January and February as Russian forces repeatedly tried to take it. Sporadic fighting has continued since mid-February, but with less intensity.

Russian forces suffered a large number of casualties in Voldar and lost dozens of vehicles. Videos emerged of Russian tanks and armored vehicles being repeatedly hit by mines and anti-tank missiles near the town.

Even Russia’s tactical mistakes and losses on the battlefield sparked a spark Rare criticism of Russian military bloggers, despite the fact that criticism of war is prohibited in Russia.

The ISW noted that heavy criticism about the Russian failures at Vuhledar resurfaced in the wake of the failed attacks in the early months of the year, and persistent concerns about a possible Ukrainian counterattack.

Some of these military bloggers have criticized the Russian military leadership for ordering ineffective human wave-style frontal attacks at Voldar, according to the ISW.

This tactic, involving an initial frontal assault followed by attacks against the fortified Ukrainian flanks, resulted in few gains and high combat losses due to the difficult terrain, lack of fighting power, and failure to surprise the Ukrainian forces.

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