Risks of conflict of interest: Dr. Nadler changes the location of his investigation

Risks of conflict of interest: Dr. Nadler changes the location of his investigation

Lawyers for Dr. Brian Nadler, accused of killing four people in Ontario, have finally won a change of venue for his trial, fearing a clash with some particularly zealous jurors in the area.

Justice Calum MacLeod of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ultimately ruled in favor of the defense’s request for this first-degree murder trial, the Ottawa Citizen reported Tuesday.

Crimes are usually tried in the district where they occurred. The raid must therefore have taken place in the municipality of L’Orignal, a few kilometers from the Hawkesbury Hospital where the patients were at the time of the events.

Judgment will finally be held in Ottawa.

“In a high-profile case involving a regional hospital and four deceased patients, it is true that drawing a jury from the limited juries of Prescott and Russell may present potential conflicts of interest,” the judge said. .

Defense lawyers argued that the small L’Orignal courthouse was not suited to the conditions of a modern trial, but that limited space in the municipality made it difficult for lawyers to avoid contact with jurors and witnesses.

Albert Poidinger, 89, a doctor living in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, west of the island of Montreal, was arrested in March 2021 on charges of first-degree murder. He was later released in July 2021 under strict conditions.

In August 2022, the Ontario Provincial Police announced they were being charged with three additional murders for the death of 80-year-old Claire Brière of Rigaud; Lorraine Lalande, 79, of Hawkesbury and Judith Lungulescu, 93, of East Hawkesbury Township.

Dr. Nadler’s license to practice medicine was also revoked.

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