Robert Smith says The Cure has canceled 7,000 compressed tickets

Robert Smith says The Cure has canceled 7,000 compressed tickets

Cure’s Robert Smith confirmed that the band canceled 7,000 tickets found on secondary resale sites in an effort to deal with publicity campaigns.

As part of the sale process for its upcoming North American tour, Player One opted out of Ticketmaster’s “Platinum” and “Dynamic Fares” ticket options, and restricted ticket transfers in markets where it was legally allowed to do so in places like New York, Illinois, and Colorado, All of which have enacted legislation to protect sellers.

Following the band’s move to do so, Smith announced tonight (March 31): “About 7,000 tickets have been canceled across approximately 2,200 orders. These are tickets obtained with fake accounts/listed on secondary resale sites.”

Earlier in the day, he also warned ticket purchasers not to attempt to circumvent ticket transfer rules.

“Offering to sell/send account login details for TM carriage restrictions… any/all tickets thus acquired will be forfeited, and the original charges on such tickets will not be refunded,” Smith added.

“..the original fees paid on those tickets will be donated to Amnesty International, and the tickets themselves will be returned to the fans.”

The Cure singer has taken Ticketmaster to account in recent weeks for “unjustifiably high” service fees for tickets for his band’s upcoming North American tour. Some fans claimed that Ticketmaster’s fees, including service fees, facility fees, and order processing fees, exceeded the price of the actual tickets.

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Earlier this month, Smith convinced Ticketmaster to issue small refunds to ticket buyers reliant on “unnecessarily high” service fees.

He wrote on Twitter on March 16 after tickets for The Cure’s US tour were released: “After further conversation, Ticketmaster agreed with us that many of the fees charged were unduly high, and as a gesture of goodwill offered $10 per ticket. Refunds to all fan accounts.” verified for Lowest Fare Ticket (“LTP”) transactions.

The band has announced a 30-day tour across the US, which is set to kick off at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans on May 10th before closing at the Miami-Dade Arena in Florida on July 1st, earlier this month.

In related news, Neil Young has now weighed in on the current state of the tour following Ticketmaster’s controversy with The Cure.

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