Roller Coaster Tycoon will take 100 million years to finish

Roller Coaster Tycoon will take 100 million years to finish

You may think you are skilled Roller Coaster Tycoon player. You’ve probably built dozens or even hundreds of completely profitable gardens. Or maybe you beat each built-in scenario dozens of times. But your skills won’t help you with a new map designed to take millions of years to complete.

released in 2002, Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 is a popular computer game park creator that is still actively played and modified by many gamers today. One such player is popular YouTuber Marcel Vos, who enjoys experimenting with the original 20-year-old version of the game and its modern, open-source port. Earlier this year, Vos A digital entertainment journey that lasts for the entire universe. Now his latest innovation is RCT2 A challenge that will take 100 million years to finish.

100 million year scenario

“100,000 Millennium Mines Park” is Voss’s new name RCT2 A scenario that seems, on the surface, to be very simple. You start with a few rides and a very easy goal: create a $1,000 amusement park and pay off your bank loan. This is a very easy task for anyone, even people who have never played it before RCT2It can be completed in an hour or less. However, this crafty custom script – which uses no mods – hides some secrets.

why is that Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 The map takes a long time to finish

The first bad secret is that you start the map heavily in debt, owing more than $214 million to the bank. Not only is that a lot of money to pay off, but it also means you can’t build anything in the park as you don’t have any money to build with. Even if you sell everything out there, you still have hundreds of millions of dollars in debt to pay off.

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The next hidden gem detail involves the two rides that seem to bring in money from park visitors. this is a lie. These rides are not actually connected to the fairways, which means that no one in the park can access the rides.

The last and biggest secret is where the third ride in this park, the roller coaster, goes once the track enters the slopes. This is where Vos reveals a giant whirlpool of roller coaster track, almost all of it flat as well. Therefore, the passengers in the one and only car move very slowly through this huge labyrinth.

A screenshot shows a single roller coaster car trapped in a huge maze of tracks.

screenshot: Marcel Voss / Atari / Kotaku

Once they reach the end, the roller coaster does not have enough speed to return to the start of the ride as more guests are waiting. Instead, the empty cart rolls backwards 8 times slower than it moves forwards. The total journey takes approximately 1,820 in-game years to complete, which is the equivalent of about 70 days in the real world. And because this ride is horrible, you can only charge 40 cents per ride. Remember, you have to pay over $200 million. You can probably see how long that would take.

Completing this scenario—assuming you don’t cheat or use mods to speed things up—would take over 960 trillion in-game years, which translates to 10,011,719 real-life years. It should also be noted that this script can only be played in OpenRCT2a modern port of the game that fixes some glitches in the original release that may occur when numbers like money owed and years become too large.

And even if you use OpenRCT2Accelerators and its modifications to advance time 1,000 times faster than normal, you will still need nearly 100,000 years to complete this terrifying scenario. If you want to tinker with it, Vos has it subscriber 100,000 Millennium Mines Park online for anyone to download and play. In other news, I’m glad Marcel Vos isn’t a real god with superpowers because we’d all be screwed.

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