Rumor: More people’s games may be coming to consoles

Rumor: More people's games may be coming to consoles

There’s a new insider on social media, and while we tend to look at them with furrowed eyebrows here push the boxThere is no denying that snitch knows what’s going on. It just wasn’t leaked the whole from Sony play condition earlier in the month, but they came out neatly too Our Last: Part One release day.

leader Latest Tweet It all confirms it Something It happens with the Persona series, then. They said earlier today “P3R5ON4”. Now it doesn’t take a genius to determine what’s being teased here: Persona 3 FESAnd the Persona 4 GoldenAnd the Persona 5 Royal Presumably it is coming to more platforms. Given the timing and previous PlayStation exclusivity, we’ll go out on a limb and assume it will be announced for Xbox platforms.

However, there could be a lot of interest for PlayStation players as well, given that Persona 3 FES wasn’t playable on PS5 or PS4 – and while Atlus ported Persona 4 Golden to PC two years ago, that’s still limited to PS Vita as well. we SupposedlyWell, if console ports are really coming, they’ll be launching on PlayStation too — but you never know these days, right? We will not lie Will be Find the ports for all three people dance Entertaining games after this tease.

perhaps useful, Persona 5 Recently removed from PS Plus Collectionindicating the presence of some The movement that occurs with the string. We’ll of course keep our eyes open and let you know what’s really going to happen later today.

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