SAG-AFTRA is looking to obtain a license to launch a second strike against video game companies

SAG-AFTRA is looking to obtain a license to launch a second strike against video game companies

While SAG-AFTRA and its representatives already have one strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), it is now seeking a second strike that would be against major video game companies for how they treat performers.

As reported diverse, SAG-AFTRA said negotiations over a new video game contract have reached an “impasse” and that a strike would be the best next step “to win pay increases and protections from artificial intelligence.”

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SAG-AFTRA’s current contract with companies like Activision Productions, Electronic Arts Productions, Insomniac Games, Epic Games, WB Games and more was set to expire on November 7, 2022, but the two parties agreed to extend the talks for another year. As of this writing, talks between the two parties will resume on September 26.

SAG-AFTRA is looking for “an 11% retrospective increase in video game performance ratings, followed by 4% and 4% increases.” This is consistent with the requests made by SAG-AFTRA for AMPTP. It also includes the previously mentioned protections from artificial intelligence, which the union says threatens artists who capture sound and performance. Furthermore, SAG-AFTRA wants rest periods, safety protections, a paramedic on set, and “a ban on stunts during self-recorded auditions.”

“Once again, artificial intelligence puts our members at risk of reducing their employment opportunities,” Fran Drescher, president of SAG-AFTRA, said after criticizing gaming companies. “Once again, SAG-AFTRA stands up to tyranny on behalf of its members.” Because of their “greed and disrespect.”

Audrey Collinge, a spokeswoman for the gaming companies, issued a statement saying they want a fair contract as well.

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“We all want a fair contract that reflects the important contributions of SAG-AFTRA cast performers to an industry that provides world-class entertainment to billions of gamers around the world,” Collinge said. “We are negotiating in good faith and hope to reach a mutually beneficial agreement as soon as possible.”

The last time SAG-AFTRA went on strike against toy companies was in October 2016 and lasted 11 months.

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