Samsung Galaxy S22 gets One UI 5.0 Beta 5 update with bug fixes

Samsung Galaxy S22 gets One UI 5.0 Beta 5 update with bug fixes

two months ago, Samsung released One UI 5.0 beta update to Galaxy S22 for the first time. Since then, the South Korean company has launched Three more beta updates with feature additions and bug fixes. Yesterday, we reported it Samsung can release the fifth and final version of the One UI 5.0 beta update For the Galaxy S22 series, the company has done just that.

The fifth beta update for One UI 5.0 has been released for Galaxy S22And the Galaxy S22 +And the Galaxy S22 Ultra In China. The new update ends with the firmware version ZVJA The download size is 471.16MB (for Galaxy S22 Ultra).

Galaxy S22 One UI 5.0 beta update removes Bixby Text Call and fixes several bugs

Samsung official changelog The company claims that the company fixed several bugs, including one that forced the Galaxy Watch plug-in to shutdown, caused the camera’s autofocus to fail and poor image quality, and restarted the phone.

The new software also fixes an issue that prevented users from adding fingerprints. Some people also complained about missing phone unlock sound, Samsung fixed this issue in the latest update. Other issues included the volume getting loud even after lowering the call volume, wallpaper not completing, the option to close all missing from the multitasking menu, and forcing the app to close when editing photos. These issues have been resolved.

Samsung said it removed a file Bixby text call Feature from the new One UI 5.0 beta update. Bixby Text Call feature, which was announced last weekuses AI Converts audio (on call) to text and displays it on the screen. Users can then type the text as a response to the caller, and Bixby This will convert the text into audio and pass it on to the person on the other side of the call. This way, the user does not have to speak or listen to interact with a voice call.

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Reports also claim That the new beta version of One UI 5.0 Brings smoother animations. Apparently, frame drops have been reduced, and the animation is similar to Galaxy Z Flip 4 Management One UI 4.1.1.

One UI 5.0 Beta 5 could be the last beta update before the stable One UI 5.0 release

This may be the last beta version of One UI 5.0, and it could be released in other markets, including Germany, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States, within the next few days. Samsung said it will release the stable version of Android 13One UI 5.0 is based on the Galaxy S22 series before the end of this month.

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