Samsung will offer a free storage upgrade for Galaxy S23 pre-orders

Samsung will offer a free storage upgrade for Galaxy S23 pre-orders

We reported yesterday that Samsung might do that Increasing the prices of its advanced phones, starting with the Galaxy S23. This price hike Possible in Australia, Europe and South Korea, and many other countries around the world. However, the company can offset the price hike with a special pre-order offer.

Spotted tip Roland Quandt Specific terms and conditions on Samsung UK business website. Information reveals that pre-order any Galaxy S23 The serial device will allow buyers to get a free upgrade to a higher storage variant. For example, if someone pre-orders the Galaxy S23 by paying for the 128GB version, they will get the 256GB version at no additional charge. This is the case with the Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Therefore, most UK users will get the 256GB version of the Galaxy S23, while Galaxy S23 + And Galaxy S23 Ultra Buyers who pre-order the device will get 512GB versions of the phones starting at 256GB for their base versions. A similar offer could be available for pre-order in most parts of the world, but not all. Also last year, Samsung had a similar offer for the Galaxy S22 series in the US and some other markets, but the offer could be more widespread this time around.

In addition, the company offers a $50 Samsung in-store credit for those who pre-order the Galaxy S23. The South Korean company may also offer additional pre-order benefits in several countries, but these offers may vary depending on the market. In India, the company will do so Provides access to exclusive color variants of the Galaxy S23 for those who pre-ordered the device. These exclusive colors may be available in more markets worldwide.

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