June 7, 2023

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Scientists have discovered a new alien planet that hides a mind-boggling secret at its core.

A new alien planet hides a powerful secret at its core.

It is the first planet he discovered Europe Jaya Space shipwhich began its mission in space a decade ago.


The planet is about a third larger than our Sun and about 13 times larger than Jupiter (pictured)

An international team of scientists Found an exoplanet while observing the stars About 130 light years from Earth.

The planet is about a third larger than our Sun and about 13 times larger than Jupiter – the largest planet in our solar system.

It appears that nuclear fusion is going on inside.

When looking at the planet, Scientists She notices that it is sparkling and dimming, leading them to believe that its core is undergoing a process of nuclear fusion.

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The European Space Agency’s Gaia mission is designed to precisely locate stars as they move across the sky.

The spacecraft is only expected to operate for another two years.

A team of scientists led by Professor Sasha Hinckley at the University of Exeter in United kingdomThey were measuring a star 300 million miles from the planet.

The star, named HD 206893, is thought to be a good candidate for finding new exoplanets, also known as exoplanets.

Named after the nearby star, the planet has acquired the not-so-glamorous name HD 206893 c.

But its sheer size and evidence of nuclear fusion means that the cosmic giant straddles the line between being a planet and a brown dwarf.

Study team members said that this discovery may provide new insight for scientists to distinguish between massive planets and brown dwarfs.

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A brown dwarf is a celestial body between the size of a giant planet and a small star, which is thought to emit infrared radiation.

“The discovery of HD 206893 c is a really important moment for the study of exoplanets, as our discovery may be the first direct detection of a planet outside the solar system, Gaia,” Hinckley said.

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