Several social organizations have been on strike since Monday

Many independent social organizations in Quebec will begin a four-day strike on Monday, February 21-24.

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The Federation of Regional Schedules of Social Organizations (CTROC), established in the 16 administrative regions of the province, would like to remind the Quebec government of the importance of these organizations.

“For a very long time, companies have been run by the Quebec government. Due to the epidemic and the shortage of manpower, less than half of them have increased funding, which dramatically reduces their ability to meet the urgent needs of the people, ”said co. -CTROC spokeswoman Claudelle Cyr said in a statement.

“It is time for the government to take the situation seriously and increase funding for the work of all committees,” he added.

His colleague Benoit Larog confirms for his part that companies are “on the brink of the abyss.”

“What will happen to these precious places of mutual aid and empowerment for the citizens of our regions? It is urgent to give them the best support they can to promote local democracy and not to forget their great contribution to the social and economic vitality of many localities, which further unites our cities and villages, ”he said. Says Larog.

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