She Burns Herself in Tea and Demands $500,000 from Tim Hortons

She Burns Herself in Tea and Demands $500,000 from Tim Hortons

Ontario woman sues Tim Hortons for $500,000 in damages

The event took place in May 2022 at a Tim Hortons drive-thru in Huntsville. Jackie Lansing, 73, suffered burns to her stomach, genitals and legs.

According to the complaint seen by CTV News, the employee Lancing into a simple cup, it was immediately poured over her.

The lawsuit, filed in December, alleges the company’s negligence because the cup failed, the tea was heated to an unreasonable temperature and employees failed to warn about the cup’s faults.

Lansing’s daughter is also seeking damages under Ontario’s Family Law Act, saying she was unable to care for her disabled child as she oversaw her mother’s recovery.

For its part, Tim Hortons’ defense denies any alleged negligence and insists service standards are being applied.

The company also accuses Mme Lansing and pointing out that the danger is obvious when ordering a hot drink.

The septuagenarian suffered severe second-degree burns that included fluid-filled blisters, pus and peeling skin.

The documents allege that he was “severely and permanently injured, scarred and disfigured” and will continue to suffer pain for the rest of his life.

After the incident, she reportedly suffered from exposure to temperature, sun, chemicals, light, clothing that clings to her body, weight gain, poor self-image, and skin sensitivity to mental health issues.

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