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‘She-Hulk’: Bringing Matt Murdock into the life of Jane Walters

Jennifer Walters I finally met her counterpart in Matt Murdock. While the character was teased earlier in the season, he has finally been reintroduced to audiences in episode 8 of Marvel Studios’ Strong woman – which is pretty much the same audience Matt Murdock has known and loved over the years, once again played by Charlie Cox returning to the role.

“Knowing that Charlie was taking on this character again and that we have to re-introduce him through this show, the dynamic between him and Jane is very special,” star Tatiana Maslany explains to Marvel.com.

Lead writer Jessica Gao was thrilled to learn that the show could use both Matt Murdock And the reckless. “It made a lot of sense that he’d be on this show because he and Jane are both daytime lawyers, Super Heroes out of the office, even though Jane does it reluctantly. What better character to show how much potential this struggle you’re experiencing is?”

Marvel comics writer Cody Ziglar wrote the episode, with Gao adding that “When we first heard we could use Daredevil and started trying to break this episode, during that first conversation, at one point, Cody pulled a Daredevil comic out of his bag. It was opened. Somehow to the page he was talking about and he was waving and pointing at the plates he was pointing at. So this episode was written by someone with a lot of reckless love.”

In the episode, Matt Murdock, a legal attorney, sets out to help defend Luke Jacobson after Jane has to take him to court over a flawed suit (remember, don’t use jet fuel in your super suits!). Jane is instantly struck by Matt’s charm and legal contradiction, and you know what? She’s weird about it.

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“You see it in the episode where they meet face to face in the courtroom and Jane is upset because this guy came out of nowhere and showed her.” When the two find themselves in the same bar, Zhao continues that Jin is “so upset that he’s taking the highway and sending this peace offering.”

There in the tavern, above the appletini, Jane and Matt open for the first time. While complaining about working for the Big Guy, Matt can’t help but notice that Jane can definitely help the little guy too by balancing what you’re doing with what She-Hulk can do – “I think you’re in a unique position to do some real good, Matt told her. “The way I see it, Jane Walters can use the law when society fails. And She-Hulk can help people when the law fails.”

It’s this kind of smooth talk that wins Jane fast.

“As they talk in the bar, he is so charming and attractive that she would tell us, her friends, and the audience, that she kind of feels it,” continues Zhao. “But she doesn’t really say that to him. Then when she kind of puts herself in that little pub moment, she mistakes the fact that he has to run around and do Super Hero stuff for not caring and for misreading it, which happens a lot to us in life. There are these little dots. From the near miss where they really feel it — they both feel it, but nobody really says it.”

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The writer’s room was geared toward a very special vibe for Jen and Matt’s dynamism, explaining that the team “relied on having an amazing harmony between them.” Which they do without a doubt.

“I really wanted their dynamic to have that kind of Howard Hawks, really fast back and forth where they gravitate toward each other, but they kind of have to twitch and nudge each other. They don’t just come out and say that. At least not to each other — ‘Hey, I’m a fan. your.”

While their time at the bar is cut short, they get a second chance later after both Jane and Matt have to help Luke Jacobson (who’s been kidnapped by Leap Frog, it’s a long story). Realizing there is definitely chemistry between them, Jen asks when Matt will be in the next town, and he doesn’t want to wait that long for the two to go back to Jen’s apartment where, for lack of any better term, they are hooked!

“In the writer’s room, when we were breaking the cycle, we were all really excited about the idea that they were going to hook up,” Gao adds. “He seemed like the guy for her. It was like, OK, no matter what we do, all roads have to tie them up.”

But just because Matt and Daredevil are now in the mix, don’t forget that this show is all about Gene Walters and She-Hulk. Audiences are vividly reminded that during the biggest fight in the ring, a very reckless lobby fight scene is triggered. Just when viewers think Daredevil is going to start fighting goons in the arcade, the She-Hulk comes smashing through a wall, stopping everything in its tracks.

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“We have to keep reminding people that this is Jin’s show, this is She-Hulk show,” Zhao says with a laugh. “Everything on the show is like, ‘How can we either subvert a trope or defy expectations or put something into a funny reality. That’s kind of the spirit of the show. So of course, it was only natural for this show, being so dead-end, to acknowledge and thrill the classic Daredevil arcade fight. But then, of course, we’ll have to undermine it with our girl, She-Hulk.”

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