September 25, 2022

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Shooting in Montreal: The turnaround of a vulnerable elementary school

As Montreal recovers from a Wild West night, parents of young children in Rosemont and Anjou are growing concerned about two shootings within walking distance of elementary schools, one of which broke a window.

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When the bell rang at Rosares school early Tuesday morning, Faucia Ourtilane was waiting for her little girl outside the door in the pouring rain. She was enraged, not by the flood that fell on her head, but by the shots fired at the school building on the Boulevard des Galeries-d’Anjou a few hours earlier. The youths in the yard were targeted by the men in the vehicle but were not injured. A window damaged by a projectile must be replaced in the morning.

“I was supposed to take her to dinner, but I would have stayed home today,” the woman said distraught.

A few minutes later, the boy came to dinner with his mother. The girl, who wants to remain anonymous, celebrated her birthday and was due to blow out her 11 candles on Tuesday.

“I’m scared. It’s a fun party,” says a young student in a raincoat, visibly confused.

An employee was busy Tuesday replacing a window pierced by a gunshot at Rosaroys Elementary School in Anjou, Montreal.

Photo by QMI Agency, Maxim Deland

An employee was busy Tuesday replacing a window pierced by a gunshot at Rosaroys Elementary School in Anjou, Montreal.


After midnight, more shots rang out, this time downtown. A 38-year-old man from Place Émile-Camelin, rue Peri, was hit by at least one projectile and is in a stable condition.

An hour later, a vehicle was riddled with bullets while parked at the curb of Monarchs Elementary School in Rosemont.

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“It’s getting serious, it’s a lot less safe, and I don’t like it,” says René Theriault, who has lived in the neighborhood for fifty years and has been kept awake by gunshots.

Finally, around 2 a.m., a series of shootings ended on rue Saint-Denis near Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est in downtown. Two victims aged 26 and 32 are in stable condition. According to our sources, Blaze may be connected to Emily-Camel’s previous crime and drug trafficking. Both the grids are located at a distance of 200 meters.

As the event took place in the middle of this commercial artery on rue Saint-Denis, many saw it despite the time.

On the terrace of the nearby Saint-Houblon microbrewery, people elsewhere started screaming when they heard the explosion. The chef went to the crime scene while a bartender rushed to dial 911.

“When I finish late at night, I will now take a taxi,” said one employee who wished to remain anonymous.

Many predecessors

Two people have been arrested in connection with this shooting.

Jordans Jean, 34, and Joseph Jean-Louis, 47, appeared briefly in a Montreal court via video conference.

Annoyed, Jean-Louis asked to “see the video images,” without specifying what he was referring to. For her part, Jean didn’t say a word. However, his lawyer was surprised to see that he was only charged with drug possession and weapons possession.

“Certainly new tariffs will come,” however, King said.

They will be remanded in custody for the time being as the prosecution has opposed their release on bail.

Both have an impressive criminal past, mainly for assault files.

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Joseph Jean-Louis was sentenced in 2019 to five years in prison for stabbing two sex workers a few years earlier.

Four shots at night

Photo by QMI Agency, Pascal Girard

About 20 hours

Rosares Primary School, Anjou

Photo by QMI Agency, Pascal Girard

Around midnight

Emilie-Camelin, put it downtown

Photo by QMI Agency, Pascal Girard

Around 12:30 p.m

Louisiana Park, Rosemont-La Petite-Patri

Photo by QMI Agency, Pascal Girard

About 2 hours

Saint-Denis and de Maisonneuve East, downtown

Many public buildings were hit by gunfire

According to our research, the stray bullet that struck the elementary school is only the latest incident of a public building being hit by gunfire since the start of 2021 since shootings began in the Montreal area. Some examples:

September 2022 Explosions rang out near an arena in the east of the metropolis;

May 2022 The front of a disused daycare center in Rivière-des-Prairies was riddled with bullets;

April 2022 A projectile pierced the window of a library at Anjou;

September 2021 An assassination attempt took place near daycare centers in Saint-Michel;

March 2021 A stray bullet shattered a window at the Pierre-Boucher Hospital in Longueuil.

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