January 29, 2023

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Six things to know about the Zorro spider

The expected arrival of the Zoro spider in Canada already gives arachnophobes dreams here.

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In an interview with LCN, André-Philippe Drapeau Picard, Entomo Information Officer at Montreal Insectarium, removed a spider measuring up to eight centimeters.

The latter explains that Zorro was first spotted in the United States about ten years ago in Georgia. Its cold resistance is better than expected, which means coming to Canada in a few years.

So here are six things to know about Zorro spider.

According to Mr. Tropio Picard, Zorro’s arrival north of the border was a matter of time.

“Before coming to Quebec she must first settle in southern Ontario,” he predicted.

However, he believes it may take a few more years for this species to arrive.

Studies so far have shown that the Zoro spider can withstand mild temperatures. However, it is not certain that it will survive the long and harsh Quebec winter.

“She can withstand a few degrees below zero for a while. (…) Their eggs are at risk of dying if they are too cold, “said Andre-Philippe Tropio Picard.


Many ask the question: Is this spider dangerous to humans?

According to the Entomological Information Officer, Zorro is harmless despite its impressive size.

“Its fangs, which bite its prey, are too small to pierce human skin,” he explains.

“Some spiders can bite humans, but they usually do not bite. They do not want to bite. They only bite when they are threatened, ”he said. Says Tropio Picard.

Nevertheless, the Entomological Information Officer says the reactions of the frightened people could put them at risk.

“Generally speaking, the fear of spiders is more dangerous than the fear of spiders. There are those who want to get rid of spiders and set their house on fire, ”he explains.

The latter invites people to put things forward because there are currently about 40,000 species, of which only 250 are endangered; And none of them are in Quebec.


As for the risks to the environment, it is too early to know whether the Zorro spider is endangered. The studies have not progressed to a conclusive level, Andre-Philippe Tropio Picard believes.

“This is an introduced species that is sure to become invasive if it starts to harm other spiders or other creatures that can catch its webs,” the expert said.

The latter says that we must constantly monitor the situation. Also, he notes that the Zorro spider is less of a problem than some invasive plants.


Human activity is an important factor in introducing an organism into an ecosystem.

The Zorro spider, for example, is said to have come from Japan by container.

This environment reminds us of the importance of being vigilant. Says Tropio Picard.

“Once they arrive, it is often difficult to get rid of them,” he says.

If Zorro sees the spider, the expert invites people to share their photos. He also believes that killing her is not such a bad idea.

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“This is an introduced species, so I have no qualms about destroying it, but for spiders in general, you can take them slowly (…) out, thus ending their life cycle,” explains Andre-Philippe Tropio Picard.

To watch the full interview, watch the video above.